How To Start A Bread Supply Business In Ghana

Are you looking for a business you can do that will bring in some regular and steady income for you? There is an opportunity for you in supplying bread provided you can plan and manage the business well.
Bread is a major meal around the world and especially in a country like Ghana as a lot of people eat bread on a regular basis.
You may have shown interest in the business of bread and may have thought the only way of doing a business with bread involved baking and producing it by setting up a bakery for bread production. Over time due to the cost of setting up a bread production business your idea has not come to reality.
The good thing is that the business of supplying bread affords you the opportunity of entering the bread business where you can still make appreciable profits without having to invest a lot of money.
What Is Bread Supply Business All About
The business involves you locating a good bakery that makes quality bread which you buy then proceed to supply and distribute to people who are in the business of selling bread.
You buy from the bakery at a particular price and supply at a marked up and increased price to people selling bread for you to make your gain and profit.
This is a business that is good for you if you have been looking for a small business to establish as you do not need a lot of money to start the business as it can be started in a small way as you can start by supplying few breads in the beginning before increasing the amount you supply as your customer base increases.
Reasons Why Bread Supply Business Is Good
1. Bread Is High In Demand
There are many people that eat bread daily and regularly. Bread is considered as a meal that usually in the past was seen as a meal for breakfast. These days we now have a lot of people eating bread at any time of day.
People eat bread in the morning for breakfast, in the afternoon for lunch and at night for dinner. Another good aspect of bread is that it can be eaten on its own or combined with other meals as people deem fit to eat.
Anybody can eat bread, we have children and adults eating bread as it is a type of food that goes well with a lot of people.
2. It Has Lots Of Varieties
A great thing of bread is that it can be made and supplied in different and various varieties as well as sizes as shapes giving you and consumers a lot of choices and options.
You can choose to supply loaf breads, slice breads, fruit bread, wheat bread and lots more. What this does for your business model is that you can carefully plan and decide what aspect of the business you will concentrate on and supply.
3. Cost Effective
Apart from having the choice and option of deciding the type of bread you supply based on variety you can also decide what bread you will supply based on the money you have to invest.
We have bread of various prices from cheap to expensive depending on the person buying. So this affords you to choose the part of the market you will serve and supply bread.
For example you can decide to supply big loaf and slice bread which is more expensive to customers who can afford them. You can also concentrate on supplying small loaf and small slice bread which is less expensive and affordable.
How To Get Started In Bread Supply Business
You need to know the bread you intend to supply so that you’ll be able to explain better to your intended retailers.
First, scan the area you wants to be supplying and see what types of bread that on sale. That will help you to avoid encroaching on another supplier’s territory, a supplier who is already supplying a particular bread brand in an area may prevent you from supplying the same brand he or she supply.
Then, go out and look for a unique good bread brand that is not found in your area, visit bus stops in other area to see the types of bread they are selling, pick the one you like and look at the label to get the contact address and phone number, you may ask the bread sellers for more details about the brand (how fast it sells and life span) they’ll be willing to give you the information.
First of all when you decide to start the business of supplying bread you have to make sure that the bread you are supplying is of good and high quality.
To achieve this, since you are not baking and producing the bread you have to rely on a bakery outlet to give you bread to supply your customers.
It is important that you get a bakery that makes good quality bread and if possible have a brand name that will help push the bread easily into the market.
Having armed yourself with the exact product you want to supply, the next thing is to find the retailers.
Talk to provision shop owners and bus stop bread women, these two set of people are your biggest prospect as far as sliced bread is concerned.
Each person you talked to that accepted to get your supply, find out how many loafs of sliced bread he will be getting. At the end of the marketing, calculate the estimated number of loafs these people demanded for and base your buy on this.
It is very Much Important to register your Business.
To help you run your business successfully you will need a means of transportation to help you move your bread to your customers in various places.
For a start it may be difficult for you to acquire a bus, car or van to do the business but you can consider the option of hiring a bus to help you supply the bread.
Note: The mode of transport you use will also depend on the amount of bread you supply, as you start with supplying few bread you do not need to get a big bus.
Next is to promote and Advertise your Bread Supply Business both Online And Offline.
Requirements Needed To Start A Bread Supply Business
1. Capital
2. Bus (If Necessary)
3. Good Location
4. Business Card
5. Marketing Strategies
Before starting ensure you do a feasibility study and make sure you to relate well to your customers when you start the business.