Online Jobs For Undergraduate Students In Ghana

Are you an undergraduate in any Ghanaian University and High School. Are you looking for a good online job you can combine with your academic schedules easily without interrupting your studies? There is online jobs everywhere for undergraduate students in Ghana but you must be intelligent and hard working to be able to fill this … Read more

How To Get A Business Grants In Ghana

In effort to assist small and medium scale entrepreneurs (SME) to grow, Government sometime provide small business grants in various forms. These funds can be accessed by those who meet certain criteria as stipulated by the government or the agencies involved. How can you have access to these federal small business grants to help you … Read more

How To Start A Cement Business In Ghana

Ghana is one country that cherished real estate business, that is why Ghanaians like to build buildings, own properties, by that, I mean landed properties like houses, because if you do not have one, you are not considered successful in life. Hence, cement business in view of this, Is a lucrative business in Ghana because … Read more

How To Start A Goat Farming In Ghana

WHAT IS GOAT FARMING ? Goat farming is the commercial rearing of various breeds of goats (or a single goat breed) in a confined environment or an expanse of land. It involves raising goats for various purposes like; dairy production, meat, fiber, and multiple other purposes. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN GOAT FARMING 1: GOAT MEAT PRODUCTION … Read more

How To Start A High Yield Palm Tree Plantation In Ghana

Red Palm Oil Tree Plantation is one of the most useful plantation in the world. Nothing in palm tree that is not useful, from the fruit to the palm frond, everything is used for one thing or the other that brings benefit to man. The use of red oil palm fruit to extract edible and … Read more