Information About Starting Goat Farming In Nigeria

Do you want to know how to start goat farming in Nigeria? Are you interested in setting up your goat farm? We will give out every information you need to know about goat farming business.
Goat farming involves the rearing and breeding of domestic goats as livestock. It is one of the branches in animal husbandry. Goat farming is one of the most lucrative livestock farming in Nigeria anyone can venture into. Goats are reared mainly for their meat, milk and skin. Goat meat are very high in demand and basically consumed around the world.
Goat farming is related to other livestock production like sheep, cattle etc. If you love livestock farming and you have a great entrepreneurial spirit, you can venture into this business and build up a money-making goat farm in Nigeria. Goat farms are not easy to start, it requires lots of skills and land, But once you establish your goat farm, be ready to start making profit in a short time.
Why goat farming is profitable in Nigeria is because it’s demand is very high, especially the meat. The milk are used in milk production, it’s hairs can be used for fibre, while the skin can be used in production of wool, knitwear, carpets etc. This means that there are different streams of income involve in goat farming. If you go to hotels, bars, restaurants, fast-food, you will notice that goat meat is dominating, the “goat head” is a popular meat in those areas. So goat farming is very lucrative.
How To Start A Goat Farming Business
Here are successful ways to setup a goat farming business in Nigeria:
(1) Business Plan: Before you begin the goat farming project, you will need to decide how you want to run your goat business, your aims, goals and objectives. There are many options on goat farming; rearing goats for meat, for milk production or for fiber. What is important is to go for one that is popular in your area.
(2) Location & Land: You will need a good location for your goat farm. Some areas may not permit goat rearing. They require plenty of space, you will need to buy a good land for their grazing purposes. Consider fencing your goat barn or pasture, this will protect them from lost. Ensure proper fencing with barbwire or wood.
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(3) Buying Your Goats: After buying of land, housing and fencing, The next step is to buy goats. Find healthy goats, avoid buying sick goats, you may lose a lot trying to bring them up to the necessary standard. Before you buy goats, do a good investigation, contact farm animal veterinarian, they can help you to make the right decision. There are different kinds of goats breed for different purposes, These are different goat breeds in Nigeria:
Nigerian dwarf
Saanen goats etc.
(4) Rearing Your Goats: Goats are clean animals which also needs clean water and food. Keep them away from harmful foods. Provide them vegetables, grass, with vitamins, minerals and protein. They will also need shelter and veterinary care.
(5) Marketing Your Goats: You will need to gain customers, No matter how best your goat farm is, you can’t make a dime with consumers/customers. Approach hotels, restaurants and goats market, Advertise on farming sites, social networks, and through Facebook Ads.
Requirements And Equipments Needed In Goat Farming Business In Nigeria
1. Capital
2. Business Plan
3. Feeders
4. Drenching And Vaccinating
5. Bucket And Troughs
6. Collars, chains, halters and leads
7. Crooks
8. Milk vacuum
9. Milking stanchions
10. Straw or Pine shavings.
To start a goat business, there are some costs and expenses which are calculated to bring out the estimated cost for setting up a goat farm.. You will consider the cost of land, housing, fencing, goat cost, transportation cost, feeding cost, veterinary cost, etc. The cost of starting a goat farming in Nigeria is N500,000. If you have land, it will be an added advantage, because with N250,000 you can start a goat farm in Nigeria. Goat prices in Nigeria varies from N8,500 to N20,000 and more than depending on the type and sizes.

  • Remember that goat takes between 2 to 3 years to mature.
  • Goat farming requires little capital but it’s profits are very huge. The goat skin can be used in making bags, shoes, belts etc, which is a good source for leathers.
  • Goat farming in Nigeria is very lucrative, Before you get started, you will need a business plan and a marketing plan, Consider the capitals, location, land, goat species, feeding requirements etc
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