Information About Starting Catfish Farming In Nigeria

You can start making cash through catfish farming in Nigeria. Like we always say this: 60% of Nigerians loves eating fish (most especially catfish). So if you are looking for Agribusiness to venture into, then you should consider catfish farming.
Catfish farming is capital intensive and have overhead costs, Catfish can yield high profits if there is a good implementation of Business Plan and Marketing Plan. According to research, those who do not have farming experience will find it very difficult to run this business.
There are different types of fish reared in Nigeria, but people really love catfish because of it’s good taste, juicy meat and other qualities it has. There are basically two division of catfish farming: The nursery fish farming and the growth out fish farming. The nursery fish farming involves the inducement of female fishes to lay eggs, the eggs are then fertilized, incubated, and hatched to fries, While the grow out fish farming involves the buying of fingerlings from another farm or vendors and grep them to the suitable market size.
Catfish sells very fast and it market demand is very high in Nigeria. Demands ranges from restaurants, bar, hotels, fast food etc. This article will give you step by step guide to profitable catfish farming in Nigeria.
Catfish Farming In Nigeria: How To Rear Catfish
How are are guide on how to start your own catfish farm in Nigeria:
(1) Proper Training: Catfish farming requires been experienced. This is a serious business that requires a serious training.
(2) Secure Capital: According to research, it cost up to N2,000,000 to start cat-fishery in Nigeria. Consider the startup cost both the land, aquaculture equipments, boreholes, delivering vehicles, and money for maintenance.
(3) Acquire Land For Pond: Ensure that the location of your Catfish farm should have space for vehicle access, let the soil be free from slit and compact. The starting size of a catfish pond should be about 1 to 5 acres.
(4) Pond Construction: Contact constructors in charge of building ponds, the land needs to be excavated by removing top soils and vegetation using a clay subsoil to create a pond. There should be installation of water supply & drain lines, and it should be covered properly with a quality clay. The agitators, aerators and oxygen meter should be installed at this stage.
(5) Plantation Of Grass Seeds Around The Fish Pond To Help Prevent Erosion.
(6) Purchase Your Stock: Note that the number of catfish to buy depends on the size of your pond, the aerators been installed, and your experience in fish farming. It is advisable for beginners to start with smaller amount of fish. To ensure the health of your Catfish, you should buy vaccinated fingerlings that has been tested and confirmed to be free of any type of fish disease.
(7) Feeding Your Fingerlings Adequately: You should feed the catfish daily, any small fish will eat 3% of its body weight daily. The most suitable temperature for catfish is 85 degrees. Don’t forget to start their feed in feed bins in a cool dry place.
(8) Harvesting: Catfish should be harvested when they weigh 0.75 to 4 pounds, it all depends on the layers choice. Seines and nets are used to harvest the fish.
Equipments Needed For Catfish Farming In Nigeria
Any Catfish farm should have the following tools and equipment:
Drainpipe and fittings
Seines and nets
Feed storage bin
Bucket and basket
Grass seed
Oxygen meter
Pumps and pipe
Water testing equipment etc.
How much does it cost to start a catfish farming? After adding all the equipment cost, feeding cost, stock cost, housing and construction, the estimated cost should be N2,000,000. The cost might be higher depending on how you want to run it. If you have land already, the cost might be cheaper.

  • The catfish farming is very profitable & lucrative and it can be done anywhere & any place. It requires good training, business plan and dedication. Ensure proper feeding, clean waters, good equipment & healthy fingerlings.
  • There are some challenges on Catfish Farming In Nigeria, you just need experience and determination to overcome them. We believes this article really provides useful information on catfish farming.