Food Hygiene And Preparation: Meaning, Importance And Guidelines For Food Hygiene

Table Of Contents

  • What Is Hygiene?
  • Meaning Of Food Hygiene
  • Importance Of Food Hygiene
  • Guidlines For Food Hygiene

What Is Hygiene
Hygiene is the act of cleanliness whereby our body, food, home, clothes and other items are kept neat to prevent being affected by harmful micro-organisms, germs and virus.
Meaning Of Food Hygiene
Food Hygiene therefore refers to the observance and practise of hygiene or studying contaminated, poisoning and spoilage. It’s simply the proper handling and caring of food.
Importance Of Food Hygiene
1. Food hygiene will prevent food from spoilage or contamination.
2. It helps individuals to live a healthy life as when some food food are consumed at all times.
3. It prevent wastage: Food bought and not properly kepts or handled may get spoilt and not be safe for consumption, Such food may be discarded thereby leading to wste of money used for purchasing the food.
Guidelines For Food Hygiene
1. Buy food that are wholesome and store them properly.
2. Buy raw food from a clean environment where such food cannot be contaminated.
3. Buy canned or possessed food.
4. Avoid buying expired food.
5. Do not buy canned food with dented or swollen can.
6. Store the food correctly using the right method and storage facility.
7. Cover food while and after coooking to prevent it from being contaminated.
8. Preserve and keep left over foods properly.
9. Cook with clean water and utensil. Ensure that your hands are clean when handling food.
10. Do not use fingers fing while cooking.
Hygiene is the act of keeping th body, food, home, environment, clothes and other items neat from being affected by harmful micro-organisms, germs and virus. While food hygiene is the observance and practise of hygiene.

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