Discipline: Meaning And Consequences Of Indiscipline On The Individual And Society

Table Of Contents

1. Meaning Of Discipline
2. Attributes Of Discipline
3. Benefit Of Discipline Behavior
4. Consequence Of Indiscipline On The Individual And The Society

Meaning Of Discipline

Discipline is a training of the mind and character to produce self-control. It enables an individual to acquire habits of obedience to authority, rules and regulations, loyalty, honesty and sense of contentment.

Discipline can also be defined as a mind set which results to orderly behavior and makes an individual to conform to the expectation of the society.

Attributes Of Discipline

The Attributes of discipline are;
Self control, moderation, modesty, perseverance and dedication.

1. Self Control:

A Disciplined person does not get easily provoked. He keeps calm in the face of provocation or anger. He is not pompous and easily influence by events around.

2. Moderation:

This is the quality of doing things within limits of expectation. It is a quality which makes a man to behave to standards and not abuse opportunities. A student shows moderation when he does not spend all the money available to him, or eats up the food in the House but remains some for other siblings.

This quality makes one to live and let live. It also makes those in authority to use resources wisely to guarantee a future for citizens.

3. Modesty:

This is the quality of not blowing one’s trumpet i.e, talking too much about one’s self achievement. Example, even though the boy is the all round best student in the class, he does not show it. That is , he is modest in character.

Modesty in conduct is important so as not to arouse jealousy or envy in neighbours.

4. Respect For Legitimate Authority:

A disciplined person accords respect to those in authority. A legitimate authority is a person or group of person who exercise authority lawfully. The teacher, class prefect , principal, police and elected leaders are examples of legitimate authorities.

5. Respect For Rules And Regulations:

A Disciplined person respects and obeys rules and regulations. A Disciplined student is punctual to school and obey the rules and regulations of the school harmony, free flow of traffic etc.

6. Perseverance:

This is the quality of endurance and a determination to succeed in spite of obstacles or difficulties. It is the quality which makes one not give up until success is achieved. Success they say , demands perseverance. A Disciplined student must persevere in his studies, if he must pass his examinations.

7. Dedication:

This is the quality of taking an assignment seriously by working hard in border to achieve good result. It demands committing and devotion to accomplish a task. A disciplined student shows devotion and dedication to his studies and other important assignments. Public officials must show dedication to duty for enhanced productivity, and better service delivery.

Benefits Of Disciplined Behaviours

1. Discipline is the hallmark of progressing in any society: This means that things do not work well in society where citizens are not disciplined.

2. Disciplined behaviour promoted social order and peaceful co-existence of citizens.

3. Disciplined behaviour promotes development because citizens perform their duties, pay tax, as when due and support those in authority to provide services and social amenities.

4. Disciplined citizens do not engage in corrupt practices like giving bribe or taking bribe. They do not steal or embezzle public funds or mismanage public resources.

5. Disciplined student respect school authorities and obey the rules and regulations of the school. This promotes academic progress and enhance the teaching and learning in schools. It also promotes excellence in school work and examinations.

6. Family success is a product of disciplined behaviour of children.

It is important that children imbibe the culture of discipline right from the family. Disciplined children are not dishonest or quarrelsome. They take their studies serious and pass their examination in flying colours. They do not constitute problem to the school or the society.

Disciplined children are a pride to the family and provide the foundation for a disciplined society.

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Consequences Of Indiscipline On The Individual And The Society

1. Consequences On The Individual:

An indisciplined individual is very disorderly and wild. He disrespect parents, elders and constituted authority.

He is notorious and cannot be trusted.

He may engage in one form of anti-social activity or the other like smoking, stealing or fighting.

He does not pass his examinations hence, may resort to examination malpractice and other forms of cheating.

A generation consequence is that the individual loses focus and may become a social deviant, a problem to society.

2. Consequences on the society:

i. Indiscipline is the bane of
society. Indiscipline disrupts social harmony because it promote social vices like drug abuse, cultism, prostitution, gangsterism, violence and militancy.

ii. Underdevelopment indiscipline citizens are usually unproductive hence may not contribute to community development. Those of them in position of authority are lively to be reckless and corrupt.

They easily embezzle and misuse public resources which are meant for the development of the community. Therefore, indiscipline cause underdevelopment.

iii. Nothing works well in a society where the citizens are not disciplined. There is traffic disorder, hold ups and frequent motor accident because motor risks and other road users are impatience and so much in hurry.

Most law enforcement agent like the polices are corrupt and more interested in extorting money from citizens. Fake drugs are rampant because people want to make money at all cost. Arm robbery get on the increase for the same reason.

Elections are not free and fair. Indiscipline hampers national development and social progress.

iv. Indiscipline among citizens results in disrespect and disobey to authority and the values of the society. People don’t refuse indiscriminately resulting in environmental problems such as, Block drainage, flooding, air pollution etc.

Citizens engaged in unscrupulous business activities, like oil bunkering, counterfeiting, drug trafficking and other financial crimes. Such society would remain under developed.