Supremacy Of The Constitution: Meaning And Reasons

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1. The Meaning Of Supremacy Of constitution.
2. Reasons Why The Constitution Is Supreme.
The Meaning Of Supremacy Of Constitution
The Constitution is the most authoritative body of law, rules, customers, conventions and guidelines by which a state or country of government, their functions and power relations. It spells out the duties of the citizen. It provide for the mode of its amendment or alteration. It defines the tenure of office holders and the method by which they come to office. The constitution of federal republic of nigeria is the grand morn and his provisions supercede any other laws in nigeria.
Supremacy Of The Constitution implies that there is only one constitution in a country. It also implies that the laws of the constitution are superior to laws made by organizations or the component states or units in a country.
Supremacy of the constitution means that the provisions of the constitution must be complied with by all citizens, no matter their status, and by all organs of the government, in the conducts by private individuals or agencies or organs of government which do not conform with the provisions of the constitution are null and void, hence ultra vires.
Reasons Why The Constitution Is Supreme
We live in an unjust society where men may takes laws in their hands; where the mighty can against the weak; where our rulers and constituted authority exercise authority and power to the detriment of the innocent and law abiding citizens.
We live in a society where citizens are denied their rights; where those we elect into office plunder and mismanage our collective wealth.
The constitution becomes the cornerstone for social stability, justice and orderly conduct of affairs among citizens, between citizens and government and between constituted authorities and arms of government, the constitution is the essential guarantor which instills decorum in the conduct of men in society; in the conduct of affairs between agencies and arms of government, and in the relations among peoples of various ethnic nationalities, that make up the nation. Without the constitution, society is a jungle, as life would be nasty, brutish and war.
The Constitution Is therefore Supreme For Following Reasons
1. It is check against arbitrary exercise of power by those in authority. Ot prevent abuse of office and ensure that those who exercise the power of government, act within the law.
2. It guarantees that no body is above the law and that there is one law for all citizens.
3, it ensures that life is regulated and that all men must conduct themselves within the expectations of the society.
4. It ensures continuity of society within the framework of progress and development because it prescribes law for the conduct of public office.,
5. It ensures respect and protection of the fundamental rights of the citizens, which are entrenched in the constitution.
6. It ensures the unity of the country as it provides penalty for acts of disunity and crime against the state.
7. It empowers the judiciary to uphold the tenets and principles of the constitution so that justice and equity are maintained.
8. It ensures that those entrusted with public affairs are accountable to the Citizens and that public resources are not wasted or mismanaged.
9. It ensures the community of the state because it contains Mechanisms to protect it existence.
10. It prescribes the tenth of office of government, hence, prevents sit tight office holders or those who may like to rule for life.

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