Alphanumeric Keys

Alphanumeric Keys


These keys are used to type letters, numbers, and notations into a computer. These keys can be used to type letters, numbers, and notations into the computer.

  1. Letter keys: The A-Z letter keys work just like a typewriter. The screen will display the lower-case letters if the letter keys are used alone. The upper-case letters are produced when the keys are pressed simultaneously with the shift key.
  2. Spacebar key: This key is the longest on the keyboard and adds a blank space between characters.
  3. Number keys: The number keys (0-9) work the same way as a typewriter. The number will appear on the screen when these keys are pressed. Hold down the shift key, and press the number to display the upper symbol.    Alphanumeric Keys
  4. Symbol keys/notation keys: The symbol keys have two symbols. The lower symbol is produced if the key is pressed by itself, while the upper symbol can be produced if it is pressed with the shift key. The symbol keys include #, $%, % (, ), [?] e.t.c.
  5. Caps lock keys are used to type capital letters/uppercase letters.
  6. Shift key: It can be used with another key to creating an uppercase letter. The keyboard has two shift keys.
  7. Enter key: It shows the end or entry of a line.
  8. Backspace key: This moves the cursor one space forward each time it’s pressed. It removes a character or word from your back.
  9. Tab key: This causes the cursor to move through several spaces.


  1. Cap lock keys are used for ————–
  2. Identify five examples of notation keys.
  3. Which key is the longest on the keyboard?


Learn how to use your keyboard.


The four fingers, excluding the thumb, of the left hand are placed onto “asdf,” while the four fingers in the right hand are placed onto “; Lkj” (also known as home keys). To master the keyboard, you should be able to recognize the key positions and type without having to look at the copy.


To avoid the key jam, place your fingers on the keys. These two little fingers can be used to strike the guide keys (a and ;). The left thumb and the remaining finger strike the guide keys (a & ;).


1. To master the keyboard, you will need to recognize the key positions.


  1. What is a basic service key?
  2. Two examples of basic service keys are provided.


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