Alphanumeric Keys

Alphanumeric Keys

IDENTIFICATION OF DESTINATION OF ALPHANUMERIC KIT These keys are used to type letters, numbers, and notations into a computer. These keys can be used to type letters, numbers, and notations into the computer. Letter keys: The A-Z letter keys work just like a typewriter. The screen will display the lower-case letters if the letter keys … Read more

 Data Processing – ICT Application In Everyday Life

Data Processing

ICT Means information communication technology helps to improve individual and society development since it’s invention. SECTORS WHERE I.C.T CAN BE USED   EDUCATION SECTOR~ In education computer are used  Teacher use computer to research for teaching material, participate in outline forums and online conference as well as aid their teaching. Student use the computer as … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of ICT

Advantages & Disadvantages Of ICT

Today i will explain to you the advantage and disadvantage that is in ICT. so take our time to read and uderstand. Benefits Of ICT Information access and improved communication capacity provide significant advantages for society. Below are some benefits of ICT; (1) The program has helped improve the lives of people. (2) It allows … Read more