Importance Of Values To The Nigerian Society

The Following Are The Importance Of Value To The Nigerian Society
I. Values help to determine and control the true behaviour of individual in the society.
ii. Values act as criteria or measures for the judgment of the actions of individuals in the society.
iii. Values also give focus and direction to the individual in the family and society at large.
iv. Values help in decision – Making.
v. Valued help to modify our attitudes towards other people through tolerance and acceptance or rejection of different people and their opinions.
vi. Values act as standards of conduct for people in any given society.
vii. Values guide people towards the achievement of declared objectives whether individuals or family. Communal or corporate and national objectives.
viii. Values promote unity, harmony and co – operation in the society.
ix. Values encourage sense of responsibility and hard work among Nigeria citizens.
x. Values help youths to resist negative peer pressures in the society.
xi. Values help to develop respect for other people’s ways of life. For example different ethnic and religious groups.
xii. Values encourage tolerance and friendship amongst people in the society.
xiii. Values promote self – reliance in the society. Through this way, they create employment opportunities that help to generate income, goods and service in the economy.
xiv. Values ultimately promote development in the society.
xv. Values lead to actions which promote happiness, contentment, discipline, etc in the individual and his society.

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