Courage: Meaning, Types And Attributes Of Courageous People (National Values)

Civic Education
Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Courage
2. Types Of Courage
3. Attributes Of Courageous People
National Value Courage
Meaning Of Courage
Courage is the ability to carry out tasks successfully in a situation. Courage can also be seen as the ability to so something right without fear or favour. It is the firmness of mind and moral backbone to finish a task in the face of oppositions, obstacles and challenges.
Courage, fear and timidity do not go together, because a courageous person is neither afraid nor timid to speak the truth, no matter whose ‘ox is gored’ (who is affected by his speech/action). A courageous man will bother less to engage in a task, irrespective of its dangerous nature. His strength and convictions or what he believes will spur him into engaging in it, until success is achieved.
Nigeria as a nation needs men and women of courage, who will be courageous enough to finish any task committed into their hand. She needs courageous people who will speak the truth, stand for the truth and defend the truth, not counting cost or seeking self-fulfillment. We need courageous people that will condemn the wrong/ills in society, and also proffer solutions to problems.
Festus Keyamo, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Prof. Chinua Achebe (late), etc are some courageous Nigerians who have spoken, and defended the truth. They were never afraid to point out flaws and loopholes in government policies and programmes; and also condemn some ills in the nation. We need more of these people. They are nation’s watchdogs.
Students should be courageous to complete their academic work, as well as ability to address other students during morning assembly or any other gathering. They should be able to report a senior student that involves himself/herself in an undisciplined act or behaviour.
Even in our local communities, we need courageous leaders who will exercise boldness in carrying out productive activities or projects that will be beneficial to all in the communities, even in the face of opposition, threat or attack from their elders.
Types Of Courage
Courage has the following types:
1. Physical Courage
This is the ability and willingness to use physical efforts to get things done. Examples are lifting of an object, fighting, wrestling, cutting of grass or cutting down a tree, and so on.
2. Moral Courage
It is the ability to choose to do what is right irrespective of pressure to do otherwise. That is the ability to express what is right in spite of the circumstances surrounding it. People can show moral courage, when they can oppose bad leadership, challenge injustice in society, save an accident victim, resist the temptation of prostituting to get fast money, resist pressure to join scammers (419ners), being able to say the truth when called upon to do so in the school, at home, in the law court and so on. We need more of morally courageous people than people who have physical courage.
3. Spiritual Courage
This is the courage to exhibit or follow one’s spiritual path according to its teachings and doctrines. It is also the possession of strong religious experiences and expressions in all religious matters that enable one to stand against such issues like social ills, decays, oppression of the poor and the needy, injustices, examination and electoral malpractices, evils and cultism, among others.
Attributes Of Courageous People
The following are attributes of courageous persons in society:
1. Commitment
A courageous person is always committed to his work in order to achieve his/her goals within a time schedule.
2. Endurance
A courageous person has strong will-power to endure all difficulties and challenges in the course of his/her life.
3. Determination
Persons who are determined keep doing their work even when the task is difficult. The hope that they will succeed makes them work harder.
4. Diligence
This is the ability of being able to do a task carefully and thoroughly. A diligent person works hard and does not waste man-hour or damage equipment.