Woodwork Machine

Woodwork Machine

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DEFINITION: Woodwork machinery is machines that can be used in a stationary or mobile position to work with wood in the woodworking industries.

EXAMPLES WOODWORK MACHINE INCLUDE Circular Saws, Band Saws, Wood Lathes, Surface Planer, Thicker, Sander, Drill Press, etc.


Woodwork Machine

  1. CIRCULAR SAW: can be used to cut wood. It has a toothed-metal cutting disc.                                                               
  2. BAND SAW: can be used to cut various materials, including wood and metal. These saws are especially useful in cutting irregular or curved forms. For ripping lumber, timber mills use large bandsaws.                                  Woodwork Machine
  3. LATHE: A machine tool that rotates the workpiece around its axis to perform different operations, such as drilling, cutting, sanding, etc. These are used for woodturning.                       
  4. SURFACE PLANER This removes a thin layer of material from the board to create a finish.                                       
  5. THICKNESSERS is used to create boards that are parallel and even in thickness along their lengths, making them flat on the top surface.                  Woodwork Machine
  6. SANDERS: These powerful tools can be used to smoothen wood with abrasives like sandpaper.                        Woodwork Machine
  7. Drill Press: can be used to drill holes in different materials or fasten various materials with the help of fasteners.
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Regular maintenance is necessary for machines to work effectively. After each use, the machine should be cleaned thoroughly. This is so that any sawdust or other undesirable materials are not left behind.

Some machines also require lubrication. These machines need to be lubricated regularly.


  1. Three examples of woodwork machines are listed below
  2. Describe the uses of the items mentioned above


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