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The richest Igbo men in Nigeria:The Igbos are the most productive tribe in Nigeria therefore you don’t have to inquire about who the richest Igbo males are. The Igbo tribe is located throughout Cameroon in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, in addition to the southern and southern-eastern regions in Nigeria. Because it isn’t clear what caused the Igbo people got their name there is a lot of speculation about their origins. The Igbo are the closest relatives to the other Niger-Congo speakers, based on genetic tests.

One of the largest tribal groups in Nigeria are the Igbo. The hardworking nature and desire for wealth and luxury of Igbo both women and men are well-known characteristics of this particular ethnic group. The most wealthy Igbo men are featured in the article.

Top 10 Richest Igbo Men In Nigeria And Their Networth 2022


1. Arthur Eze: He is one of the major players in the gas and oil industry in Nigeria. He is the chief executive officer at Atlas Oranto Petroleum, one of the largest privately owned energy companies operating in Nigeria. Arthur Eze, an Anambra State native, who was raised within Ukpo, Dunukofia Local Government Area He attended St. Augustine Secondary School in Nkwere, Imo State, in the 1970s. He enrolled at California State University in 1974 to study chemical and mechanical engineering.

richest Igbo businessmen

Arthur Eze, an affluent Igbo man, and a member of the family royal is often known as prince Arthur Eze. He is also known by the name of “Ozoigbondu” in Ndi Igbo. Prince Arthur Eze is thought to have an estimated Net worth that is $5.8 billion. It is one of Nigeria’s richest Igbo men.

2. Ibeto Cletus M In our ranking of the richest Igbo people living in Nigeria, Cletus Ibeto comes the second position. According to Cletus Ibeto was born on the 6th of December 1952. He was born in Nnewi, Anambra State. While he did not come to wealth and wealth, he is one of the most wealthy Igbo people with respect to wealth.

Forbes richest Igbo man in Nigeria

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He is a successful entrepreneur as well as a well-known commercialist from Nigeria that sells spare motor parts. But, he has diversified into various other business which include real estate, banking cement production, as well as couplings for vehicles. IBETO Group IBETO Group is the most known manufacturer of automobile components for replacement in Nigeria. With an estimated net value in excess of $3.8 billion Cletus Ibeto has been ranked among the wealthiest Igbo men around the globe because of the many profitable ventures.

He is now one of the richest Igbo people in Nigeria. The popular Nigerian automobile manufacturer Innoson Motors was founded by Cletus Ibeto. Ibeto also owns several of the cars of the company.

3. Benedict Peters: The wealthy businessman Benedict Peters is among the most prosperous Igbo people in Nigeria. He was the founder and the CEO for Aiteo Group, a company that operates in the gas and oil sector. The state where he was born was Ebonyi State and grew up within Delta State. Benedict Peters obtained a degree in urban and geographic planning at Benin’s University of Benin.

Based on reports Aiteo Group is the owner of Oil Mining Lease 29 (OML) as well as the Nembe Creek Trunk Line (NCTL) in the Eastern Niger Delta. Father of four, and dedicated wife, Benedict Peters. Benedict Peters is said to be worth $3.3 billion.

4. Emeka Offor Although he is an Irefi Oraifite native, Irefi Oraifite Ezekiel Emeka Offor was born February 10 1957, within the Ekwusigo LGA, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The man is renowned for his kindness and his financial achievement. Pa Abadi offered him tips and helped him obtain the funds he needed to purchase the first bitumen batch from Rivways Lines Nigeria Ltd. In just two years the company was able provide large construction firms like Julius Berger Nig. Ltd, Fougerolle Nigeria Ltd as well as Guffanti Nigeria Ltd with the material.

Emeka’s worth believed as being $2.9 billion as a result of his business commitment. He is among the most wealthy Igbo individuals living in Nigeria currently.

5. Tony Elumelu: Tony Elumelu an entrepreneur from Nigeria is believed that he is worth $1.4 billion. He was UBA’s CEO before launching Heir Holdings, his own company. He founded his foundation, the Tony Elumelu Foundation, which has provided start-up capital for thousands of African business owners.

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Top 10 Richest Igbo Men In Nigeria 2022

While at UBA He was a part of the bank transitioning from an Nigerian bank to one that had presence in 19 African nations. Tony Elumelu, a graduate of Harvard Business School, is famous for his work with non-profit and government institutions. He has investments in the real estate, financial services tourism, agriculture, and health care sectors. The investments are overseen through Heir Holdings, his investing firm.

6. Ifeanyi Ubah Investor, businessman Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman Ifeanyi Ubah has a cult following throughout Nigeria. He is the owner of his own Nigerian soccer team Ifeanyi Ubah F.C. and is a fervent sports enthusiast. The CEO and founder of Nigeria’s most prestigious oil and gas company, Capital Oil and Gas Industries Limited He is also its president. He began his journey to success by selling tires and car replacement parts.

In the interest of the business it was possible to expand his business out of Nigeria and was able to export tires made in Nigeria in Ghana, Liberia, and even Sierra Leone. The estimated total worth of Ubah is estimated as being $1.7 billion.

7. Allen Onyema: There is one man who is interested in ensuring peace between ethnic groups, however, certain Nigerians are wishing for Nigeria to split due to ethnic or racism differences. He is widely known as an ” Conflict Resolution Expert” who has won Nigerians by his charitable efforts. Allen Ifechukwu Onyema is his name.

According to estimates Allen Ifechukwu has a value of $3 billion. Allen Ifechukwu Onyema, the boss, has been seen by a range of automobiles which include the Rolls Royce, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class as well as an Landcruiser Prado, a 2019 Toyota Hilux, and airplanes. He also runs Air Peace Airlines, after all.

8. Emmanuel Uba: In April 2011, Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba, also popularly known as Andy Uba, was elected to be the senator representing his district, the Anambra South Senatorial District of Nigeria. He was a candidate in support of The People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Emmanuel Uba attended the Boys High School in Awkunanaw following his birth on the 14th December 1958 in Enugu. His ancestors came born in Uga located in Aguata in the Anambra State region of Aguata LGA.

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As per Emmanuel Uba, he continued his studies through Concordia University, however the university has denied the claim that Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba left. They confirmed that, as per their documents the foundation had a specific Emmanuel Uba was admitted to the foundation, but he never finished the program.

Senator Ubah’s total net worth is estimated at $2.1 billion.

9. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma: Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma. He was the founder of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, the first automaker in Africa and also serves as chair of the Innoson Group of Companies. On the 1st of October the year 1961 Innocent Chukwuma was born in Uru-Umdim, Nnewi, Anambra State. The mother of his child, Martina Chukwuma, was an at-home mom and the father of his son, Chukwuma Mojekwu, worked for the state government. He is the last of four males and two females which compose his six brothers and sisters.

Innocent Chukwuma started his own business in the trade of spare parts for cruisers. Since then, he’s become a household name in Nigeria’s auto manufacturing region. Innocent Chukwuma, the creator of Africa’s biggest automobile manufacturer is believed to have a net $1 billion worth.

10. Rochas Okorocha, one the richest politicians hails located in Imo State in the southeast of Nigeria and Rochas Okorocha is regarded as the most wealthy politician in Nigeria in the calendar year 2018. He was a successful business background prior to entering politics.

Wealthiest Igbo men

Rochas was a candidate for governorship in Imo State in the governorship elections in the year 2011 and 2015 in both elections, and was successful both times. He is also the founder of the Rochas Foundation, an organization which runs exclusive institutions for the least fortunate citizens of society. According to estimations, Rochas is worth a astonishing $1.5 billion.


The Igbo are among the Nigerian ethnic groups that are most productive. They’ve consistently created billionaires and multimillionaires as a result of their determination and hard work.
Do what you love and never, in any circumstance ever give up on yourself in order to be successful in your life.

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