Which Crops Are Grown Mostly In Ghana

Ghana is very famous for it crops production. On this article we will list out the major crops which are produced in Ghana. The crops listed here are found in commercial quantity for local or domestic distribution and for exporting purpose.

Here Are 20 Crops Which Are Mostly Grown In Ghana:

1. Cassava

2. Yams

3. Cocoyams

4. Sweet potatoes

5. Cacao

6. Oil palm

7. Sorghum

8. Cowpeas

9. Milletcorn

10. Rice

11. Groundnuts

12. Sesame (or benniseed)

13. Cashew nuts

14. Rubber

15. Soybeans

16. Melon

17. Maize

18. Beans

19. Palm kernels

20. Kolanut.

These are the crops which are mostly grown in Ghana.

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