What Is Political Socialization? Definition, Meaning And Agents

What Is Political Socialization?
Political socialization means a process of interaction or co-operation through which one get involve in socialization. He or she unconsciously learn the political culture within his country.
Agents Of Political Socialization
The following are the various agents of political socialization:
1. The Family: This is the first point of interaction of an individual. A young person learn how to obey instructions, punishment and reward from his/her family.
2. The School: Through the school functionaries, The students learn how to obey school rules and regulations, obey teachers and principals, obey the school authorities and orders.
3. Religious Centers: Through teaching of obedience, punishment, reward, control, we learn about the basis of socializing especially politically.
4. Peer Groups: The peer group teaches an individual competition, challenges and survival instinct.
5. Mass Media: Mass media such as TV, newspaper, radio, magazines etc. All help to disseminate political institution to a learner.
6. Political Parties: Through the political gatherings, campaigns, seminars, an individual learn political culture of his people.