What Is Flexible Constitution? Definition, Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of Flexible Constitution
2. Merits Of Flexible Constitution
3. Demerits Of Flexible Constitution.
Flexible Constitution: This is the type of constitution that has an easy procedure for amendment. Its procedure for making ordinary laws in the legislature are very easy.
British constitution is a good example of a flexible constitution.
Merits Of Flexible Constitution
1. It is not difficult to amend it’s provision.
2. It does not take much time to amend.
3. It meet an urgency in the state.
4. It is good for a unitary system of government.
Demerits Of Flexible Constitution
1. It can be easily changed to deny the citizen their rights.
2. It may lead to political instability because it is not constant.
3. It belittles itself by being amended just like an ordinary law.
4. It encourages dictatorship.

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