What Is Communication? Importance And Means Of Communication

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Communication
  • Importance Of Communication
  • Types And Means Of Communication

What Is Communication

Communication is very important aspect of commerce. Without communication, people of the world would look like blind people and commercial activities would be stagnated or very difficult.

Communication is therefore a means of passing informations, news, feelings and all kind of messages from one person to another or group of person to another.

Importance Of Communication

1. Communication is very important both to an individual and to the information to one another, thereby enhancing business transaction.

2. Efficient communication makes it possible for mail order business to be carried out.

3. Buying and selling can take place irrespective of distance through telephone, fax, post office etc.

4. Debts can be settled by postal order, money order and bank draft without physical transfer of cash or the debtor and crditor coming together.

5. An effective communication brings about the development of a nation.

6. Messages and information are passed instantly from one place to another and from one country to another through telephone, fax etc.

Means Of Communication

1. Post: This is the means of communcation that involves sending of letter from one person or group of persons to other. Posting of letters are always done through the post office.

2. Telegram: This is a means of sending urgent and emergency messages through the post office.

3. Telephone: This is a very vital means of communication. It is more convenient and fast than posting of letters. This is because there is direct communication between the seller the receiver.

4. Radio: The radio is an electronic device. It is a common means of transportation. Information is conveyed theough the radio, the information is transmitted by the radio stationer individuals and establishment which are then conveyed to individuals who listen to the information on the radio.

5. Television: The television is also an electronic device. It is a means of communication that works almost the same way that radio works.

However, the televison has a screen which displays different things as information is conveyed, This makes it different as informaion is transmitted by television stations.