What Is Advertising? Types And Functions Of Advertising (Advertising Media And Ethics)

What Is Advertising?

Advertising means the information about existing goods and services or about a particular issue being made to the public.

Information that maybe obtained through advertising includes; Information about existing goods and services, job opportunities, business opportunities, admission into school etc.

Types Of Advertising

Here Are The Types Of Advertising:

– Information advertising
– Persuasive advertising
– Competitive advertising
– Mass advertising
– Direct advertising.

1. Information Advertising: Thsi types of advertisinf merely gives information about the product in question. Such information may include the name of the product, where to get the product and at times how to use it.

2. Persuasive Advertising: In this type of advertising, the advertiser tries to convince his audience about the need to posses or buy the products at the oast.

3. Competitive Advertising: In competitive advertising, the advertiser tries to convince the people that his product is better than other same product but of different brand name.

4. Mass Advertising: This is a type of advertising where by producers or distributors of the same type of products jointly organize an advertisement of the product Eg; Distributors of milk may do advertisement on milk which may read “This milk is good for you”.

5. Direct Advertising: This advertising is meant for the target audience. The people that are likely to use the product, For example: Doing the current and lastest sports wear is better advertising in a sport magazine.

Functions Of Advertising

1. Advertising creates awareness of new and existing products and services.

2. It educates the people on how to use the advertised product.

3. It trains the masses on certain behaviour and culture.

4. It reduces cost of production.

5. Effective advertising may drive other competitors out of the line and brings about monopoly.

Advertising Media

Here are the various types of advertising medias:

1. Newspaper: Daily and weekly newspaper carry numerous advertisements for goods and services

2. Radio: The radio is a very effective means of advertising. Radio advertising has the advantages of reaching the people both in urban and rural areas.

3. Window Display: This is a means of advertising whereby goods are carefully and attractively displayed on a window in such a way that people are attracted to it.

4. Magazine And Journal: Newpaper magazines and journals carry advertisments of various kinds.

5. Outdoor Advertising: If you walk along the roads especially highways, you will see sign post mounted by the sides of the road carrying various forms of advertisement.

Advertising Ethics

The following ethics should be considered by advertisers in order not to mislead the masses and to work towards the benefits of all and the nation development:

1. Information about any products advertised must be true, avoid the masses being mislead.

2. Misinterpretation of information should be carefully avoided.

3. Advertising should be geared toward the development of the audience.

4. Advertisers should avoid criticising other products unjustly, just to sell their brand.

5. No relevant fact about the product should be withheld both negative and positive.