What Is A State And Nation? Meaning And Characteristics

Table Of Contents
1. Meaning Of The State
2. Characteristics Of The State
3. Meaning Of Nation
4. Characteristics Of A Nation
5. Difference Between A State And Nation
Meaning Of The State
A state is a sovereign political organisation made up of people with definite territory and an independent governments. Examples of states are Nigeria, U.S.A, Britain etc. Note we are not talking about the subdivisions of a country like Abia State, Lagos etc But we are talking about the Higher State.
Characteristics Of A State
The characteristics are as follows:
1. Population: One major characteristics of a state is population. For a state to exist there must be a given number of people which has no minimum number that will occupy it.
2. Definite Territory: A state must have clearly separate also boundaries from others. The land mass covered by a state must be well defined to avoid boundary dispute with other states.
3. Government: A state must have a government that will manage it affairs. Government performs its functions on behalf of the state.
4. Sovereignty: This means supremacy of authority over the citizens including complete independence from all forms of external control.
5. Permanence: The state has a continuos existence. Government comes and go but the state remain permanent.
Meaning Of Nation/Society
A nation is a group of people living in a certain geographical areas, sharing common history, language, culture, customs and tradition Or people who share common historical and cultural characteristics. Examples of nations are: Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa nation in Nigeria.
A society on the other hand can be seen as a group of people who live together in an organised community sharing common interest and goals. It may be organized or inorganized, direct or indirect co-operation or antagonist.
Features Of A Nation
The features include:
1. A nation may or may not have clearly defined territory.
2. The people share common historical and cultural characteristics.
3. A nation may not have political independence or sovereignty.
4. The people are loyal patriotic.
Difference Between A State And A Nation
1. A State may be sovereign while the Nation may not be sovereign.
2. A State must be organized. While Nation has a strange sense of Unity.
3. The State is made up of people with both homogenous & heterogenous character. While The Nation is made up of people with homogenous characters.