What Is A Computer Processing – All You Need To Learn

Computer processing can be described as an act or set of actions microprocessors, also known as a central processing unit (CPU), within the case of a computer executing when it is notified of information. The form acts as a “brain” for a computer system. It performs a sequence of instructions supplied by programs installed on the computer’s hard drive, then loaded into RAM. RAM is a random access memory (RAM). Although the latest computing systems are advanced and faster than their predecessors, they can still perform the same fundamental type of processing as computers. Processing.

Four distinct state states are what processing passes through to generate an output that is meaningful in any application. These states are often known as (fetch, decode, execute, write back, and run).

The computer comprises four primary components: the central processing unit, the CPU, the main memory unit, the input, and the output units. A system bus links all four of them by relaying and passing information between them.

What Is A Computer Processing

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)

Computer scientists generally describe the CPU as”the “brain” of the computer because it is where the programs are executed. Additionally, the CPU can be divided into three components: the arithmetic units handle all of the simple mathematical computations, and the control units interpret the computer program’s instructions. In contrast, an instruction decoding device converts computer instruction into machine codes.

What Is A Computer Processing

  • Memory

After the CPU converts a particular collection of computer instructions for programming into machine code, the CPU saves the machine code in its primary memory or storage. The machine code is classified as information or instruction. The CPU retrieves information and instructions, then executes an instruction to alter data, manipulates the data, and transmits the result and the next set of instructions to memory.

What Is A Computer Processing

  • Input Units

Input units comprise all devices you use to transfer information to your computers, like the keyboard, a hard drive, or an Ethernet card. These devices can bring data from the “outside world” into your computer and vice versa, similar to how your ears and eyes transmit information to the mind. Each input device has an individual hardware controller connecting to the CPU and primary memory. Additionally, it comes with instructions that instruct the CPU on how to operate the machine.

What Is A Computer Processing

  • Output Units

Output units are the gadgets that your computer uses to relay information to the user, for example, printers or monitors, as well as speakers and speakers. For instance, what you observe displayed on the screen of your screen on your monitor begins as machine code stored in memory. The CPU then takes the machine code and transforms the data into a format required by the monitor’s hardware. Your monitor’s hardware then transforms that information into different lighting intensities to allow you to see images or words.


  1. The definition of Computer processing.
  2. Four main components are the State of a computer.

The use of computers in the field of communication

  1. Computer gadgets like Palmtops, mobile phones, and mobile phones can be used for communicating.
  2. The use of video and Teleconferencing to hold a meeting(s) with different staff members or members of the board of directors at various locations and with the capability to watch themselves.
  3. It is used to send and receive emails via the internet. It is used for sending and receiving mails via the.
  4. Multi-media communications.

Uses of Computer in Timing and Control

  1. Traffic Control
  2. Weather Control
  3. Machine Control
  4. Airplane Control

Utilization of computers in information processing and Management

  • Marketing: individuals and companies can also utilize the system to find online shopping, online payments, and the delivery of goods ordered.
  • Generating payroll: Computers can create and process payroll with Microsoft Excel.
  • Accounting and banking Computers are utilized to maintain an accurate and efficient record of the goods and customers’ money.

The role of computers in the modern society

  • Healthcare: Hospitals are comprehensively computerized to provide healthcare at a competitive cost.
  • Airlines: The airline reservation agent communicates via a central computer through an internet-connected terminal to keep the data up-to-date when a flight seat is booked or made available.
  • Law firms use keyword searches to search through substantial complete text databases that include more legal cases than the lawyer’s law library.


  1. The definition of computer processing.
  2. Four main components are the State of a computer.
  3. Five uses for computers in modern society.


Computing studies for junior secondary education JSS1 by Hiit Plc. Pages 65-67


  1. The ……….. executes a set of instructions supplied by programs that are installed on the PC‘s hard drive. These programs are loaded into RAM. (RAM). (a) Core (b) (b) CPU (c) RAM (d) controller
  2. ……….. is a program that stores instruction within the computer system. (a) memory (b) CPU (c) ALU (d) control unit.
  3. ……….. These are gadgets that your computer uses to relay details to you. (a) input unit (b) output unit (c) memory (d) primary.
  4. ………. are all the devices that you are using to feed data into your computer. (a) the input device (b) output (c) memory (d) CPU
  5. ……….. are fully computerized to allow patients to receive healthcare at a reasonable cost. (a) Health facilities (b) airline reservations (c) banks (d) payroll


  1. The definition of Computer processing.
  2. Four major components comprise the State of a computer.
  3. Name four areas in the society in which computers are used.
  4. Check out four areas where computers are utilized in controlling and timing.


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