What Does Geography Mean | Scope And Value

What does it mean? The word “geography.”

Geography originates from the Greek word ‘Geo,’ which means the Earth, and ‘graph,’ which is the description. Geography is therefore defined as the study that describes the Earth. But geography does not just tell the Earth’s surface along with its features. It also studies the relationship between man and the environment. Thus, Geography can be described as the research of humans who live, their activities, locations, and physical objects on the Earth.

Geography is a subject that studies the lives of various people living in multiple places on Earth, including their daily activities such as agriculture, mining, trading, manufacturing, fishing, construction, etc. Geography is also connected to the various peoples around the globe and their jobs, culture, ways of dressing and expressing their faith, etc. Meanwhile, Geography involves studying physical objects on the Earth, such as mountains, rocks, plains, valleys, oceans, rivers, weather, rain soils, vegetation, etc.


Geography is an area of social science concerned with studying man’s activities and the environment in which he lives. Its importance is interspersed with other fields such as economics, Agricultural Science, Government, History, and more. It is concerned with studying the dimensions, shapes, and movements of the Earth, as well as other celestial objects, such as landmasses and lakes, the climate vegetation, and the events that occur in various regions of the globe. It also examines the distribution of animals, natural resources, and human activities.


  1. What is Geography?
  2. The Greek word “Geo” refers to what?
  3. Explain the significance of geography.


The importance that geography has or the importance geography or its significance can be seen in the following ways:

  1. It allows man to gain an improved comprehension of his surroundings.
  2. Geography brings up issues, challenges, and solutions vital to the modern world.
  3. It’s about understanding the world that surrounds us, i.e., and it allows us to understand the practices of life of people from other regions.
  4. A well-trained geographer can fulfill various vital roles within the socio-economic sector and politics of society. He can apply his geographic skills in multiple areas like rural, urban, or regional planning.
  5. Geography can help us understand the other topics related to it in physics, chemistry, economics, biology, maths, e.t.c.
  6. It allows us to understand the physical phenomena around us, like climate, vegetation, and soil. mountains, oceans e.t.c.
  7. It lets us choose the career path in which we earn money.


What are the advantages of Geography??


  1. What is Geography?
  2. Define the concept of Geography.
  3. What is the significance of Geography’s role in our society?
  4. “Geo” in geography is what?
  5. The capital city of Lagos state is _____.


  1. _____ is defined as the description of the Earth. (a) Physics (b) Agriculture(c) Geography
  2. The following is not true concerning geography (a) It aids us in studying the physical world within our own, (b) it aids us in studying the weather and temperature of places just (c) it allows us to examine the way of life of people from other regions of the globe.
  3. Geography is an area of social science that is concerned with the study of (a) animals and plants, (b) the human being and its surroundings, and (c) the cultivation of crops and the raising of animals.
  4. Geography extends across the following fields of study for humans, except (a) Economics, (b) Government, and (c) Music.
  5. “Geo” in Greek means “Geo” in Greek means (a) describe (b) power (c) earth.


  1. Write the capital city of the following states of Nigeria (i) Ebonyi, (ii) Plateau, (iii) Ogun.
  2. State two is the essential aspect in terms of geography.


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