What Business Can I Start With K2000 In Zambia

What Business Can I Start With K2000 In Zambia

On this article are list of lucrative profitable businesses to start in Zambia with k2000 and make good amount of money from, if done properly.

According to Tipsinfluencer research, this businesses are the profitable business one can venture into with the above mentioned amount and expect good income from.

Zambia is a well strong economical country, just that it’s not been well manage by our government, but still people are becoming millionaires every day from their personal businesses.

Most of the millionaires Zambia all started with small amount of money and today they are the big names all over africa. You too can start something now, remember they said a journey of a thousand miles began from a step.

Some Zambians are still scared of own business but the fact remain that my set of people who want to set up something for their selves are more than those who want to work with someone till their old age.

So if you are someone like me who love having his/her own business then this article is for you, just read on carefully as we show you some businesses you can start in Zambia with k2000.

Profitable Businesses To Start In Zambia With K2000

The current situation of the country has prompt many Zambians to start their own business. Many people question is that what business can one start with this range amount? Business Ideas to Start With k2000 in Zambia:

1. Sale Of Bottled Drink Or Bottled Water:

Selling of bottle drinks and water is a lucrative business, because it every day consumption product, if you are in a very populated area or cities then you can consider this business. You can startthis business with k2000 and less, all you need is get a space in a busy road, buy big cooler, an umbrella, ice block, a small signboard to write buy minerals and cold water here.

You can even include recharge card sales to it, the k2000 is sure of covering both.

2. Popcorn Production Business:

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People buy snacks ever now and then, and popcorn is one of the most selling snacks, because people eat it in their home, along the road, in their shops, vehicle and even in the cinema’s.

Staring popcorn business doesn’t required a shop to get started, in most cases it only required an exposed environment. Popcorn business has no gender discrimination and if you get the right tools for popcorn, the business is totally stress free, also you can be making good amount of money daily if you are in a busy location.

The requirements to start popcorn businessare popcorn machine, kernel (corn), butter, groundnut oil, sugar, salt, flavor nylon, a busy road or market.

You don’t need to rent a shop, you can partner with someone in his/her shop since you won’t be disturbing them or you can get an umbrella, clean up any free space in a busy area and start your business.

In some cases you may be required to pay some token amount to the local government council to start your business there. You can carry out practicals at home before moving in to business, so you can get mastered to it very well.

3. Sales Of CD/DVD’S Business:

If you don’t like Zambia movies we are rest assured you like American movies, how about India, Chinese and Philippines movies? uhumm. This is a money splitting business but some people thought there is no money in this business.

What Business Can I Start With K2000 In Zambia

4. Flashing/Downloading Of Music/Games To Phones Business:

Do you have a laptop? Now it time to make good use of it. People want to have the latest music audio or video on their phones outside downloading, phones get infected with viruses every day, there is no way a virus infected phone owner would not want to flash the phone in other to work well again, this is where you comes in, you can do phone flashing, music and games downloading, and app downloading also together at the same time and this business doesn’t required a shop.

You can start this right in the front of your house by bringing our your table, chair and your laptop, get two speakers and connect them to your laptop, get a plain board and write ” Download Musics, Games, Bible, Quran, & Flash Your Phone Here”. Just watch how people will be waking you up in the morning with their phones.

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The business is always a moving train, no matter what location you are because phone are been used every where. This business doesn’t require you to buy or resell anything, you are just making the money to yourself without buying any thing.

5. Phones Sales Business:

People buy phone every day and will still buy tomorrow and will still continue to buy, With k2000 you can start phone business in Zambia.

There are Uk used untested android and blackberry phones they are selling. You can start this business right from the front of your home or at any busy road or even busy railway. Just get a table and a carton to arrange them, and you can start your business, sell them for any amount you wish, but we advice you sell them at a cheap price also, so you can sell them faster.

What Business Can I Start With K2000 In Zambia

6. Phone Accessories Business:

Phone accessories are phone stuffs like phone chargers, air pies, usb memory card etc. people have issues with their phone accesaries every day mostly chargers. This business is very lucrative if you are in a busy location.

starting this business is not costly, you can start this business with k2000. If you are ready for this business you can partner in shop with any body that sell phones, or rather find a shop of your own to get started.

7. Fast Food Business:

We know you eat, and you know we also eat. But do you know it not all the time we feel like cooking or even have the time to? Even if you prepare your breakfast by yourself, how about launch? will you go with your cooking stuffs to the office? This is why restaurant and fast food joints will never run down.

You can set up a mini restaurant with k1000 to k2000 and start making money from it. You can even deliver to companies at the break time in saving them the stress and time going out to look for food by bringing it to them at the office, they will so much appreciate you while you make your money.

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Profitable Businesses To Start With 500,000 Ugx In Uganda

8. Dry Cleaning Business:

You can start this business right from your home with k2000 or less. If you don’t have money then use your hand for the washing and iron them, we are sure you have an iron already.

If you have money to invest, then you can get a washing machine and start doing it right in your home till you are able to raise cash for store rent.

What Business Can I Start With K2000 In Zambia

9. Fish Fingerlings Production Business:

Have you seen catfish before? the baby of catfish is called fingerlings. If you are a person that like agriculture such as farming, then you can venture into this business as it very lucrative but it required some skills.

There are places to acquire the skill in most cases it cost you nothing. The process of producing fingerlings is easy, the only important thing is getting buyers ready before production. This business is lucrative, you can make up to k2000 in your first production. Fingerlings farming is very lucrative.

10. Recharge Card Distribution Business:

Even without money you can start this business if you have a bulk seller that trust you. This business is the act of buying and distributing recharge cards from producers to retailers, you are the middle man here.

You can start this business with K2000 if you don’t have a recharge card producer that can give you to supply and pay back after supply.
You will need a bicycle for movement in other to be saving transportation cost.

Many generation to come this business will always remain lucrative, do you know why? Simply because zambians recharge on a daily basis.

These are businesses to start with k2000 in Zambia.

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