What Are The Functions Of Wages And Salaries Unit? (Roles Of Wages And Salaries Unit)

Here are the functions and roles of wages and salaries unit:

1. The preparaton of the salaries or wages employees.

2. The wages and salaries units keeps good accounting records of all the salaries earned by staff in the organization.

3. Preparation Of A Voucher: This is a mechanism for recording money withdrawn from an established fun or special account.

4. Preparation Of Pay Roll: A pay roll is a record that shows how much an employee has earned and the amount that has been deducted from the pay of such an employee.

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5. Preparation Of Payship/Advice: The employee’s payship explains how the net wage or salary was arrived at and it is normally included in th pay envelop, for those paid by hand and put in the pigeon holes of each employee whose salaries are paid in the bank.

Payships are printed in sets of ten and they have punch-holes along the edge.

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