What Are The Functions And Roles Of family Members

What Are The Functions And Roles Of family Members

A family is defined as a group of people who reside together and are bound through the bonds of adoption, blood, or marriage. Family members are one another’s family members.

Families are the most fundamental element of any society. It is essential for the country as the people of the country come of different families. Socialization begins with the family.

Family types

  1. A monogamous or nuclear family- This kind of family is comprised of the husband, wife and children.

2. Polygamous family – This kind of family consists of the husband, his wife and children.

3. Family extended. The extended family is comprised of the father and mother (mothers) as well as the children and the other relatives like aunts, uncles, nephews grandparents, etc. The oldest of the family members becomes leader of this extended family. This kind of family is very common in Nigeria.

Roles/Functions of the Family

  1. Child bearing or procreation
  2. Send the love of its members
  3. The organization provides food, shelter and clothing to its members
  4. Transmits the culture and norms of its members to society
  5. The socialization and interaction of the members
  6. Friendship: Family members discuss their experiences.
  7. Individual safety as well as acceptance People feel more secure inside their families than out.
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The roles of each family member as well as the entire family

Every family member is assigned a specific role to fulfill. This includes:

The father’s role:

  1. It provides basic necessities such as cash for shelter, food, clothing and medical care, as well as education etc.

2. Keeps the discipline at home

3. Keep peace and love in the world.

4. A role model for the family

5. The home’s chief

6. Guards family members

7. Teach his children about the culture of society.

8. Breadwinner for the entire family.

9. Does your civic obligations and rights like paying taxes and observing the law of society.

Roles of the Mother:

  1. Prepares meals for the member
  2. Cares for the house
  3. Bears and children to nurture
  4. She shows love to her husband and children.
  5. assists in purchasing and maintaining family clothes
  6. Teach the children at home making ability and other skills that are functional.
  7. She is the one who makes the home in the family.
  8. She also acts as an example for her daughters.
  9. She cares for the simplest needs members of our family.
  10. She fulfills all of her civic rights and obligations.

Roles of the Children:

  1. Obey and respect their parents and the other adults in society.
  2. Aid in the completion of domestic chores and other errands at within the house e.g. cleaning the house, washing dishes and taking care of children and getting water.
  3. Find out about the cultural background of the society.
  4. Bring stability and unity to the family home
  5. Named after the family name
  6. They must fulfill your civic rights and obligations.
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What Are The Functions And Roles Of family Members


  1. Give 2 definitions of family.
  2. Five functions that belong to the family
  3. Speak about three different kinds of families and then explain each one
  4. Recognize each role played by your family members.

Topic 2 Subtopic: The family tree and relationships values of the family. Family relationship or the kinship pattern is a link or connection between one member of the family and another. Certain terms can be used to define these connections.

These include:

Title Relationship

Parents Father and Mother

Siblings Brothers and Sisters

Aunts’ Father’s/Mother’s Sister

Brother of Uncle Father’s/Mother’s Sister

Nephew Brother’s/Sister’s son

The daughter of Niece’s brother or sister

Grandparent Parent’s parent

Grand children Grand children are the children of a person’s grandchildren

First cousins of Uncle’s or Aunt’s child

Great Grandparents, Grandparents of parents

Great grand children of a person’s grandchildren’s children.

Family Tree

The family tree can be described as a diagram or graph which shows the kinship structure of the family. It reveals how family members interact with each and to each.

Values of the family

Value refers to the value of an item.

Values are the beliefs, thoughts, and notions about what is most important. They are based upon ideas regarding what is right as well as desirable. Values cannot be observed but they only reflect by our actions. They may be either positive or negative. Examples of values that are positive include such as courtesy, freedom and good health, orderliness as well as leisure, friendship as well as love, patience respect fairness, tolerance, compassion integrity, trust, and so on. Negative values include honesty, dishonesty self-interest, falsehood, corruption, and so on.

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Value System – This is a set of values an individual or group of people share.

Family values are the convictions, emotions and thoughts about what family members regard as being important for the entire family. The family’s values might include integrity, respect, discipline and education, a high moral character, trustworthiness, etc.

The importance of the family Values System

  • It aids in controlling the behavior of family members.
    • It aids the family members to take decisions
    • Gives strength and confidence
    • It provides motivation for the taking of action.


  • What is the kinship pattern?
    • Define the family tree
  • What is a value system?
  • Your aunt’s son or daughter is your …………………….
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