Were Can One Get Turkey Eggs To Buy In Ghana

Some farmers are engaged in the сommercial turkey farming in Ghana. This is a fairly promising and profitable business, from which you can earn decent money. The main advantages of this line of activity are quick payback and high demand for finished products.
Here we describe the breeds of turkeys in Ghana and were to get turkey eggs in Ghana.
Breeds Of Birds
The first thing you should think over before you start your commercial turkey farming is the choice of the breeds. It is better to buy turkey poults in the farms with a good reputation. You can also buy turkeys from individuals who usually offer poults of a high quality. A properly selected turkey breeds for farming at home is a guarantee of business success. There are meat and egg breeds.
Therefore, before buying young poults, you need to determine the goals you want to achieve. There are turkeys that have been bred for meat, selling of eggs, and selling of young poults.
The most popular breeds of turkeys for domestic breeding are Broad-Chested Whites, Standard Bronze and White, White Hollands etc. More often in the poultry farms, there are broad-chested white turkeys bred in the USA.
This kind of meat breed is characterized by high egg
production and rapid growth.
Where To Buy Turkey Eggs In Ghana
There are 3 main place to buy turkey eggs in Ghana:
i. Online Eg: online stores like Jiji, jumia etc.
ii. From Markets.
iii. From Farm.
It is much better to buy turkey eggs directly from the Farm.