Weaving And Weaving Operation

What Is Weaving?
Weaving is the interlacing of two of yarn (warp and weft) at right angles to each after to form fabric.
They process is carried out using a weaving machine replated to as loom.
A loom is a device for holding to warp of thread in position while tilling yarn (weft) are woven (interlaced) through the warp.
Yarn requires for Weaving undergoes certain operation, Example: spooling, warping, sizing (starching) to prepare them to withstand strain in the Weaving process.
Weaving Operation
The four major operations involved in Weaving are:
1. Shedding
2. Picking
3. Besting Up (Battening)
4. Taking Up And Letting Off.
1. SHEDDING: It is the raising of the warp yarn for insertion of the weft {Filling} yarn when the warp yarn raised shed is formed.
2. PICKING: As the warp is raised, a shed is formed, Them the weft yarn is inserted through the shed by a carrier device called shuttle.
Different types of 100m/ S are used for carrying the filling yarn through the shed. Example: Shuttle 100m, Shuttle less 100ms circular 100m etc.
In each picking operation the reed pushes or beats each Filling yarn against the fabric portion already woven.
Note: The reed is a comb like structure attached to the 10 to Stive the fabric firm and compact construction.
In each shedding, picking, battening operation new fabric formed and it is wooded on the cloth beam which is referred to as taking up.
At the same time, warp yarns are released from the warp beam which will be ready for the next operation, It is called letting off or up. Letting up simply means releasing on the warp yarn from the warp beam.

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