Ways Of Reporting Common Crimes And Appropriate Responses To Crime Report

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Table Of Contents
1. Ways Of Reporting Common Crimes
2. Appropriate Responses To Crime Report
Ways Of Reporting Common Crimes
Here are some of the ways of reporting common crimes:
1. Ability To Make Contacts
Reaching the right people in the population where the crime incident has taken place and making sure that enhanced facts are collected, not fake good dished out.
2. After concrete evidence on the victims or suspects have been collected, contact with the police for it is necessary.
3. The Press; The police should have a police press card.
4. The Police Press Conference is organized to unveil the secrets behind the crime.
5. The Police can appeal for help if the culprits are at large.
6. Supply of full details of wanted criminals is necessary. Information needed are;
i. Name of the wanted person
ii. Gender
iii. Skin colour
iv. Height
v. Languages Spoken
vi. Nationalist
vii. Shape of face, nose, lips, etc.
viii. The reason for declaring the suspect wanted
ix. The prize to be given to the person who will volunteer the correct information on the wanted criminal.
7. The Police always try to protect the interest of those who volunteer reliable information to them.
Appropriate Responses To Crime Report
In order to reduce the damaging or negative effects of common crimes, the individual, family, village, community, state and nation should always act without delay, any time there is a distress call.
The individual should know that those involved in common crimes are opportunists. They like to prey on the unsuspecting members of the public. So watch the people who are watching you. Be aware of your surrounding. And do not dull your senses or impair your judgement by material attachments such as drinks, dresses, drugs, food, money, etc. When a person attaches extremely to materialism, it is harder for him to think clearly and evaluate a potentially dangerous situation.
It is always said that prevention is better and cheaper than cure. To this effect, always protect yourself and property. Seek advice from law enforcement agents, who are experts in common crime matters.
Those concerned with the implementation of the law on common crimes should execute it without compromise, fear or favour. The Police are to respond quickly on reports made to his office, remembering that delay is to rot.
When charged to court, it should be dispensed within the shortest minimum time; knowing very well that justice delayed is equal to justice denied.
Appropriate Response To Crime Report Are Outline In The Following Way:
1. Th security agencies such as police established to fight crime must be ready to follow up crime reported to them either through phone call or other means.
2. The details of the report should be noted by the police.
3. Actions such as arrest must be made where necessary. This requires strategizing in order to avoid unnecessary regret of action.
4. Whether the culprit is arrested or not interrogation and investigations by the agency follow suit.
5. If it is required that persons involved should be charged to court when caught, that has to be done according to the law.
6. The police likewise other law enforcement agencies can also settle any matter pertaining to crime in strong consideration of the implication of their actions to the rule of law. This means that they should be careful in order to avoid abuse of power and possible Law suit against them as they may choose to settle criminal matters outside court.
Effects Of Crime Reporting
The effects among others include the following:
1. It helps to avert or stop crime from taking place.
2. It reduces the extent of damage on victims or property.
3. It serves as a deterrence to other criminal who may wish to carry out criminal actions/activities.
4. It helps security agents to be adequately prepared to fight against crime.
5. It also aids law enforcement agencies to punish criminals.
6. It promotes a friendly and drastic crime reduction environment.