Information About Starting Watermelon Farming In Nigeria

Are you interested in starting a watermelon farming business in Nigeria? Do you want to set up a watermelon farm? In this article we will share the step by step guide on how to grow watermelons.
Watermelon is a good source of hydration during a sunny day, watermelon is also a good source of water. Watermelon is one of the most consumed fresh and soft fruits in Nigeria, And it is very high in demand. So when starting a watermelon farm in Nigeria, you should know that finding markets for the fruits is not a problem, because, buyers of watermelon in Nigeria are very huge.
Benefits Of Watermelon
There are lots of health and beauty benefits of watermelons. Watermelon has some nutrients which are attached to many benefits;
A. Watermelons helps in hydration.
B. It helps in reducing inflammation ( it is an anti-inflammatory fruit)
C. It lowers the risk of heart disease and aid in blood flow.
D. Watermelon helps in digestion.
E. Watermelon has lots of skin benefits like: younger looking skin, for moisturizer and for hair growth.
F. Lycopene found in watermelons helps in preventing cancer.
7 Factors Affecting Watermelon Production In Nigeria
1. Poor market.
2. Lack of fertilizers and pesticides.
3. Lack of capital.
4. Lack of knowledge.
5. Unhealthy seeds.
6. Pests.
7. Irrigation problems.
Just like many other farming business, these are factors and challenges involve in watermelon farming; it is very important to know all the possible solutions to the above mentioned Factors, Gaining the knowledge needed to run a profitable watermelon farm will help to build success and overcome the challenges.
5 Reasons To Invest In Watermelon Farming Business In Nigeria
1. It is very profitable (It is a business full of Profitabilities).
2. It is very easy to start.
3. Watermelons are very marketable within the country as almost everyone loves the fruit.
4. There are lots of health, medicinal and beauty benefits in Watermelons.
5. Watermelon farming requires little capital (It is not capital intensive).
Hee are the step by step guide on how to start a watermelon farming:
(1) Capital: Capital is the major factor to consider when starting a Watermelon farm. Although Watermelon Farming is not that capital intensive, But the capital will depend on the size of the land and scales you want to start with (Small scale or large scale). The capital will be used for the following:
– Farmland (A fertile one)
– Watermelon seeds
– An irrigation system (The Watermelon will need lots of water for growth)
– Equipments
– Pesticides And Fertilizers
– Labourers (Optional)
The estimate capital needed to start a business like this, solely depends on the location, farm size and scales.
(2) Buying The Watermelon Seeds: It is advisable for you to meet with a successful Watermelon farmers in Nigeria to buy the seeds, Or visit The National agricultural Seeds Council for a quality seed. Note that Watermelons grows on a well-defined fertile soil with pH ranging from 6 to 6.7. After buying the seeds, know that the best time to plant watermelons is between March to July. Ensure that there is enough sunlight on your farming land.
(3) Applying Fertilizer: After weeding your farm, the next step is to apply fertilizer rich in Nitrogen your farmland, it helps in growth and good productivity.
(4) Harvesting: Watermelons usually takes 70 to 90 days to reach their full maturity. And these are signs of it; It stops growing, the underside becomes yellow, it will start to wither. These signs will notify you that they are ready for harvest.
There are lots of watermelon farmers who are really making it. If you have an intention of starting a watermelon farm just follow the above guide. You can start on a small scale, medium scale or growing Watermelons commercially in Nigeria.