Water Transportation In Business Studies: Meaning, Advantages And Disadvantages Of Water Transportation (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents

  • Water Transport
  • Advantages Of Water Transport
  • Disadvantages Of Water Transport

Water Transport: Transport by water involves the use of canals, rivers, seas and oceans. Water transport can be done with oceans, canoes, boats and ferries.
Advantages Of Water Transport
1. Sea transportation is a cheap and safe means of carrying goods from one country to another.
2. Heavy and bulky goods in containers can be transported by sea.
3. Sea transport is very important for conveying exported and imported goods.
4. It makes possible to reach water side towns and villages.
Disadvantages Of Water Transport
1. Sea transport is very slow.
2. It is limited to the areas where we have navigable water.
3. Huge ships require deep anchorage and modern equipment for loading and unloading. These are expensive to build and even more expensive to maintain.
4. There is large scale pilfering at ports and harbour.
5. It is not used for carrying perishable goods to far distances to avoid spoilage.

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