Various Types Of Houses Found In Rural And Urban Areas And Their Advantages And Disadvantages

Various Types Of Houses Found In Rural And Urban Areas
1. Mud Houses: Mud houses abound in different parts of nigeria. They are commonly found in rural areas. In some areas mud is used just for the walls e.g. In Eastern States. In others, mud is used for both walls and roof e.g. Northern States. Mud houses often:
i. Have shallow foundations.
ii. Are not suitable for low lying or riverine areas. These are areas that are easily flooded.
iii. Are usually cool in hot dry season and warm during the cold season.
2. Bamboo Houses: These are houses constructed on top of stilts standing in water with thatched roofs. Bamboo houses are very common in riverine areas. They are light.
3. Modern Houses: These have walls that are constructed with concrete or burnt brick blocks. Their roofs are built with corrugated iron sheets or cement tiles or ardex roofing sheets or asbestors sheeting or other suitable materials. Floors of modern houses can be of concrete, wood, vynil tiles, terrazzo, etc. These houses often have good doors and windows for ventilation. There are different types of modern houses for families. These include:
(a). Single-Family Houses:
These are single housing units that are free-standing. A single-family house is on its own. It does not share any walls with another housing unit. It can be small or large, a bungalow, or one story or several stories high.
Advantages Of Single-Family Houses Are:
i. They offer more privacy than other types of housing.
ii. They can be built or selected to meet the needs of the family.
iii. Family members may not have co-tenants to quarrel with.
Disadvantages Of Single-Family Houses:
Disadvantages are that such a house:
i. Is usually more expensive than multiple-family housing.
ii. It requires more land.
Multiple-Family Housing
Multiple-family housing is a house or building that contains several housing units under one roof. There are many variations including:
(a). A Duplex: Is an building that contains two separate units. Each unit can be one storey or several storeys high. The units may be side by side, sharing one wall, or they may be on separate floors.
A Block Of Flats: Is an building containing more than two flats or housing units. Each unit is self-sufficient for the family. Block of flats can also be called Apartment buildings. An apartment building may be high-rise with up to hundreds of units. Such apartment buildings are equiped with lifts or elevators for climbing. They also have stair cases. Each block can house many families.
Advantages of Multiple-Family Housing
i. Less land is used as compared to single family building.
ii. They are often more affordable.
iii. They could be more readily available than the single-family housing.
Disadvantages Of Multiple-Family Housing
i. They may not have enough space for storage and out-door activities.
ii. Residents/families may share spaces.
iii. The environment may be noisy.
iv. Co-tenants might have occasions to quarrel.

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