Uses Of Cosmetics And Deodorants (Home Economics)

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Cosmetics And Deodorants
  • Importance Of Cosmetics And Deodorants
  • Points To Bear In Mind In The Choice And Use Of Cosmetics
  • Procedures For Apply Deodorants And Anti-perspirants

Regular use of deodorants is important. Young people however require very little make-up because they still have natural beauty and complexion. They may decide to use make-ups at later age to hide blemishes and wrinkles.

It is necessary that you know how to use cosmetics and deodorants. It is also important to know how to choose and use hair care products.

Meaning Of Cosmetics And Deodorants

Cosmetics are make-ups or substances applied on the body, mainly on the skin, in order to improve natural features. They include powders, body creams and oils, assorted face make-ups, nail vanishes, lip sticks, etc.

Deodorants are substances applied to the skin to take odour out of perspiration. Deodorants come in forms of “roll-on”, spray or sticks, with different types of fragrances or perfume.

Uses And Importance Of Cosmetics And Deodorants

Make-ups or cosmetics are important for the following reasons:

1. They are used to improve natural feature of an individual.

2. They can be used to emphasize a person’s best skin, facial and hair features.

3. They can be used to hide a person’s poor or undesirable features.

4. Some make-ups can be used as treatment for such skin problems as pimples.

5. When properly used they can make one look more attractive.

6. Some make-ups can help protect the skin.

Points To Bear In Mind In The Choice And Use Of Cosmetics

The following points are guidelines for choosing and using cosmetics:

1. Avoid heavy make-ups.

2. Use as little make-up as possible. This helps you to achieve a natural and healthy look.

3. Choose and use cosmetics that suit your complexion and skin type. Choose those that bring out your natural look.

4. Avoid changing your natural colour or complexion with bleaching creams or cosmetics.

5. Choose and use cosmetics that can help to protect your skin.

6. Close the pores on your face before you apply make-ups.

7. Never go to bed without removing the make-up on your face.

8. Choose good quality powder.

9. Keep powder puff very clean by washing it frequently.

Procedures For Applying Deodorants And Anti-perspirants

1. Remove unsightly hair from under your arms (arm pits).

2. Wash the arm pits thoroughly during bath. Rinse properly and dry with clean towel.

3. Apply deodorant lightly according to type. Note that the skin may become irritated if you apply deodorant immediately after removing the hair.