Uses And Procedures Of Home Made Polish And Cleaning Agents

Home made cleaning agent and polish are useful in the home.
They are use to keep our home clean and polish.
We use home made Agents to clean our furniture and ornament, which could be chair, tables, cabinet, doors, windows, sculpture etc
Polishing these things help to maintain their ability.
To Clean Our Furniture And Ornament At Home Include The Following:
i. One soapy water
ii. Sift napkin or foam
iii. Cleaning towels
iv. Home Made Polish
1. Clean the furniture with the soaked napkin or foam soaked in a warm soapy water to remove dirt or dust.
2. Clean the furniture following the wood grains (Natural line of a furniture)
3. Dry the furniture with the cleaning towels
4. Apply the home made Polish with the foam on the furniture, rubbing into the grain.
5. Allow it to dry.
6. All the cleaning process with furniture will look shiny and better than it was before the cleaning.
7. To clean our rooms, we need to use the right cleaning agent for example: made from egg shell, snail shell and wood shell (The leap and fine sand can also be used) to Cleaning our kitchen utensils example: pot and pans, Bathroom tire’s, kitchen sinks and bath tub.
Cleaning Agent like fruits could be use to clean metallic object’s.

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