Types Of Household Linen


Household linens are fabric articles meant for daily use in the home.

Household linens are important in the home, we use them for our comfort and to make the home look neat and beautiful. There are many of them, example: bed sheets, pillowcase, table runner, curtains and so on.

Types Of Household Linen

The Types Of Household Linens Include:


Bed linen involves all the fabric articles used in making beds. Bed linens are very important items in the home. They are as follows:

– Bed Sheets: Used for bed making.

– Pillowcases: Pillow covers; they protect pillows and make the bed to appear neat and complete.

– Form Covers: Protect the foam from dirt.

– Blanket: When the weather is cold, Blanket is used for warmth.

– Quilted Bed Sheets: They are used to cover already made bed, to beautify it and can also be used for warmth in cold weather.

– Bed Spread: Is to cover made bed to avoid dust styling on them.


Kitchen linens include all the fabric articles used in the kitchen to keep it clean and for the safety of family members. They Are:

– Aprons: They Are uses to protect our clothes when cooking or doing other house chores in the kitchen.

– Dish cloth: They are uses for wiping dishes.

– Oven gloves: They are uses to protect our hands when bringing something out from the Oven.

– Kitchen towels: They are used for cleaning tables and other equipment in the kitchen.

– Pot holder/hot pads: These are used for carrying hot pots.

– Hand towel: This is to clean hands.


– Shower curtain: This prevent water from splashing on other parts of the bathroom.

– Towels: These Are Used to wipe body after bath and should be kept clean always.


Table linen involves all the fabric articles used on the table. They Are:

– Table Cloth: Is used to cover and protect the table.

– Table Napkins: Are Used to protect our clothes when eating meal.

– Table Runner: Is used when setting dinning table.

– Place Mats: Is used on the table to prepare a place for someone to eat.

– Tea Cloths: Tea Cloths are used to clean the table.


Curtain linens are fabric articles used on windows and doors of the house. They are very important in the home.

Curtains are used to beautify the room, they provide privacy for family members, curtains prevent sunlight and dust from entering the room. Curtains are in different designs, example, flowered and plain, thick or light.