How To Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks


Hello readers, the new WP Mail SMTP update is here: WP Mail SMTP 2.9 WordPress plugin and it comes with so many features.

I’m sure some of you have been looking for a way to track email open rates and link Clicks but with WP Mail SMTP you can do all that effortlessly with the new update released on July 1, 2021.

Here are the main features of the updated WP Mail SMTP 2.9:

  • Track Email Open Rates
  • Track Link Clicks
  • Export Emails As EML File Format
  • Manage Multiple Sites Email Through You Main Site Network Email Log
  • Resend Emails
  • Save Email Attachments

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Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks

Are you tired of sending emails with little to no engagement on email sent, if yes this will be a game changer for you because with this new update you don’t get left out.


This feature is very useful to follow up customers who didn’t check an email sent to them and know how relevant your email campaigns are to your readers also to see which email campaign performs better.


All you need to do is simply turn on Email logging—-> Turn on email tracking and that’s it you can now track email open rates and link Clicks, though this updated features is only available for Pro Customers it is a very useful update and I totally recommend this plugin if you are a Fortmi subscriber.


Export Emails As EML File

With this new feature not only can you export Emails as CSV and XLSX but you can also export Emails in the EML Format.

This format is very useful because it exports the email exactly how you have sent it and still retains all the data, the EML Format can be used in Outlook, Thunderbird and more..


Email open rate


Network Aggregated Email Log

Are you a multisite manager like me and need to manage all your emails, there is no longer a need to log into them and manage them individually, that is time wasting and with this new update there you don’t have to do that ever again because you can manage hundreds of sites email in one dashboard.



This WordPress plugin made it easier by creating a search box to browse through all your sub sites and you can also have individual settings for 1 site, any changes made in the main site dashboard will also be recorded in the subsite.


Save Email Attachments



In the new update you can also save attachments which means that each attachment is saved along with the original Email, to save space when you delete a log the attachment is also deleted and if you’re storing attachments your attachment will be sent anytime you resend an email with the new feature stated below.


Resend Emails

Re-sending emails is one of the most useful features in this update and if you’re a Pro Customer you cannot miss this feature, you can resend Emails directly from the WordPress email log.



You can resend Emails to the original recipient or change the receivers email address.


You can also send emails to bulk recipients and with the stagger feature your site doesn’t get slower.


This WordPress plugin is the best if you want to track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks and as stated above it has some awesome features you definitely have to try today.

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