Totalitarianism: Meaning, Definition And Features

Meaning Of Totalitarianism
Totalitarianism is a form of government in which the state has absolute control of everything including all aspect of the citizens life. Law is seen as a product of the will of the rulers. They alone have the right to define standards of right and wrong.
Features Of Totalitarianism
1. Absence Of Constitution: There is no limit to the power of government because there is no constitution.
2. Dictatorship: The government is headed by a dictator.
3. Individual freedom and liberties are denied.
4. The government use force to suppress those who oppose any of its policies.
5. There is absolute control of the mass media.
6. It is highly centralized economy. The government determines what is to be produced.
7. There is the use of force and terror to impose the will of the leaders on the people.
8. One party system is only practised.
9. Monopoly of the means of information and education.

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