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Top Keanu Reeves Films To Watch

Keanu Reeves has been gracing our screens for over four decades and has given outstanding performances in various genres. From comedy to action thrillers, he has done it all. Now, if you are curious about the actor and his work, you need to check out our list that we gathered for you. We have rated some of the best Keanu Reeves films that you can watch in 2022.

  • Constantine

If you are looking for a slight horror and mostly thriller movie, then watch Constantine. The movie is based on the DC comics of Hellblazer that follows the story of John Constantine who can not only see angels and demons but also earn a place in heaven to exorcise demons. He was condemned to hell after a failed suicide attempt.

To investigate the mysterious suicide of detective Angela Dobson’s sister, Constantine found himself in a supernatural plot that involved both good and bad forces. The film experienced mixed reviews from critics but it has a cult following among the fans. You can stream this movie on Netflix. To avoid buffering, make sure you have a strong internet connection. In order to choose a quality internet service, ensure you have all the information you need about all the top players in the internet service provision market. You may gain this knowledge by ringing up the consumer care numbers of these providers such as the Centurylink customer service phone number.

  • The Devil’s Advocate

This supernatural horror based on Andrew Niederman is part legal and part physiological horror. It starred some famous names such as Al Pacino, Charlize Theron, and Keanu Reeves. The plot follows Kevin Lomax played by Keanu as a young attorney who has never lost a case even if his client is guilty or not. The story takes a horror turn when he joins a new firm and he found out that his boss is a Devil. 

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Moreover, he finds himself in a dilemma when he manipulates his case to maintain his winning streak and secures a not guilty verdict for his obviously guilty client. He realizes soon that his actions have consequences.

  • The Matrix

It is the Matrix that has garnered the most attention out of all the movies on Keanu’s resume. Despite being brief, the new Matrix resurrection movie in 2021 was still regarded as one of the best in the franchise. Keanu played the character of Neo a computer programmer turned digital-alternate-reality messiah.

Neo is being led to wage an underground war against powerful computers that have built his entire reality using a system called The Matrix. Will Smith was also considered for the role however it’s difficult to imagine The Matrix succeeding without him. He makes us choose the red pill over the blue.

  • John Wick 

John Wick revolutionized the action sequence in 2014 with some killer fighting scenes. It is a revenge flick and follows John who goes on a killing binge trying to take revenge for killing his dog. The dog Daisy was a gift by his late wife who died of terminal cancer to help him cope better with her death. This film proved to establish Keanu as a hit action star and gave us a hit new franchise. 

Reeves’ dedication to the role, his ability to perform his own stunts, and his proficiency in martial arts were what elevated the movie to greatness

  • Speed

The idea of a movie shot entirely on a bus sounds doubtful, but Speed has proved to be an amazing thriller of a movie. The film starred Keanu, Sandra Bullock, and Dennis Hopper. Detective Reeves, a bomb specialist, is trying to catch a terrorist by the name of Hopper, but first, he needs to defuse a high-speed bus bomb planted by the terrorist. The film builds on the success of  Reeves’ calm performance and chemistry with Sandra Bullock that keeps viewers on edge and captivated.

  • Point Break
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Keanu Reeves, in this film, takes the role of FBI officer Johnny Uthaj, who goes undercover to capture a group of bank muggers. Thanks to a tip from his friend, he discovers that the bank robbers are also surfers. He learns how to surf and makes his way into the surfing community to capture the criminals. The movie also stars Kathryn Bigelow, who directed The Hurt Locker. It also features Gary Busey and Patrick Swayze. Point Break was such an instant hit and it inspired a Point Break 2 sequel series in 2015.

  • My Own Private Idaho

My Own Private Idaho is another film that features Reeves but unlike others, this is a romantic drama without any fights and guns. The story is about two friends who embark on a road trip from Portland to Idaho in search of self-discovery. Reeves and River Phoenix take up the role of sex workers and deal with themes such as poverty, mental illness, closeted homosexuality, and openness to sexual abuse. This is Reeves’s early career work and it showed glimpses of his potential as an actor.


Keanu is a celebrated actor and delighted his fans with his various roles whether be it a badass hero or love interest. He has established himself as one of the greatest in the industry and the above-mentioned list proves his talent. So, grab some popcorn, pick any movie depending on your mood, and start enjoying his films.

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