Top 10 Richest Country In Africa 2022

Top 10 Richest Country In Africa 2022

The Top Ten richest countries within Africa 2021 Africa is an amazing continent that is full of natural materials, resources such as precious metals and fertile soil. Despite its abundance of natural resources, a lot of African countries are among the most deprived of the world, with significant proportions of poor people in the world.

Africa’s economic growth is very different between countries and region to region with a variety of differences from trade to culture, historic development international ties and important resources. To identify the most prosperous nations in Africa GDP is the crucial tool.

the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total value of all products and services that are produced in the country over a certain period of time, typically an entire year. It is a measure of a nation’s productivity. The top-performing African nations were identified by through the International Monetary Fund’s GDP 2021 report.

With this to be in mind let’s take a look at the top 10 richest African countries by 2021.

Top 12 Richest/Wealthiest Countries in Africa 2022


Top 10 Richest Country In Africa 2022

1. Nigeria Africa $514.05 Billion in GDP Nigeria is a country with a rich cultural heritage, numerous ethnicities, natural beauty and huge population, is the most prosperous and wealthy country in Africa and is the largest producer with regard to GDP production. Transportation, finance, infrastructure tourism, as well as plenty in crude oil the main factors in the country’s huge GDP.

Which is the most prosperous country in Africa according to the IMF

Nigeria offers a range of raw materials and natural resources, as well as petroleum, which is a major factor in the economic prosperity of the region. Coal limestone, zinc, lead, tin as well as niobium, iron, and ore are among the. There’s also plenty of agricultural land that is fertile which contributes to around 20 percent of the GDP and also produces the rubber and cocoa. The massive population of Nigeria has made to make the country Africa’s biggest retail store for consumers and its technologically adept citizens have helped to boost the country’s rapid growth in the IT industry.

The Nigerian economy grew by 7 percent per year from 2000 between 2000 and 2014, as per the World Bank, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. Because of political turmoil and socio-economic problems, as well as manufacturing and oil shocks which have reduced this to around 2percent in the past few years. The government has put an emphasis on protecting its natural resources, and has been trying to reduce dependence on oil refineries and processing plants.

Top 10 Richest Country In Africa 2022

2. Egypt The country of Egypt $394.28 Billion USD GDP a long time the ancient region of Northern Africa held the title of the most prosperous country in Africa. The economy however was badly damaged and the foreign exchange reserves fell due to the Arab revolt in the year 2011. Egypt is currently the second most prosperous country in the world and has a GDP of more than $390 billion.

Africa’s most prosperous and richest country by GDP. Africa in terms of GDP

In the last decade, the economy has been increasing and stabilizing, resulting in a healthy economic growth. The government along with the IMF recently concluded an economic reform plan designed to improve and strengthen the economy. In 2019, the real growth in GDP reached 5.6 percent, which is which is an increase from 5.3 percent in 2018. The rate of unemployment has dropped in the country as well as the economic situation has grown.

Exports of natural gas and petroleum tourism retail and wholesale trade construction, as well as the real estate sector are crucial elements in this Egyptian economy. In recent times the economy of Egypt has moved away from the export of raw materials as service-related employment accounts for more than 50% of the GDP.

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Top 10 Richest Country In Africa 2022

3. South Africa – $329.53 Billion GDP: With a developed economy, a superb infrastructure and a GDP of more than $320 billion, the nation is regarded as one of the countries that is growing the fastest. South Africa, is one of the nations on this list which does not depend on one revenue source. Manufacturing, mining financial services, tourism are among the most important sectors in South Africa. Raw materials exports like gold platinum, diamonds coal, iron ore are all abundant. It is the largest exporter of these metals particularly platinum and gold.

Most prosperous countries of Africa with their respective GDP

The country is well-known throughout the world as a sought-after tourist destination. It is a major believer in the tourism industry as an important source for revenue. The political and global turmoil has impeded its ability to realize its maximum potential. After four quarters of negative growth in GDP in 2018, the country was in recession, and its growth has been slowed to 0.2 percent in the year 2019. Inequality has also reached the highest level within South Africa.

4. Algeria“151.46 billion dollars” $151.46 Billion GDP Algeria is the continent’s most populous country located in northern Africa located in the north, is ranked 4th in this list of the top countries in Africa. With a large economy and infrastructure, as well as a GDP of over $150 billion, the county has made great progress in reducing poverty by 20% in the last 20 years.

In this newly emerging Saharan country the reserves of crude oil are abundant, and the economy is heavily dependent on the oil reserves. In fact, the hydrocarbons (oil as well as natural gas) comprise about 70 percent of the country’s income. Additional crude oil reserves have been discovered recently which have helped this rapidly expanding industrial country.

Industrial activities, agriculture commercial services, as well as construction are a few other sectors that comprise the economy of Algeria. Additionally, Algeria is among the top suppliers of ammonia.

It is important to note that the current drop in the price of oil has led to a reduction in the reserves of the country’s currency. The growth of Algeria’s economy has decreased due to political instability and corruption within the oil industry.

5. Morocco $124 billion GDP with more than $120 billion the North African country’s economy is robust and stable, and has seen expansion in many areas over the last 10 years. It is the second-richest African non-oil producing country.

the most prosperous country in Africa in terms of GDP

The economy of Morocco is built predominantly on industry and mining. The GDP of Morocco is comprised of 30 percent industry, 15 percent agriculture, and 55 percentage of services. This is made possible by the expanding tourism industry, with people open to visitors, and the government focused in attracting visitors to Morocco’s popular tourist destinations.

Morocco which is dependent primarily in agriculture. It is also the third largest producer of Phosphorus. The country has reaped considerable benefits from its many exports that include, among others electrical equipment, automobiles and automobile parts. In addition the textile and telecom industries are major contributors to the country’s economy.

6. Kenya is $106.04 Billion GDP Kenya is one of the East African country famous for its expansive range of animals and landscapes is the most prosperous countries in Africa, with the country’s GDP exceeding $100 billion. The country is among the richest one in Southeast as well as Central Africa, thanks to steady living conditions, a flourishing industry in tea and coffee and an expanding agriculture sector.

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Since the beginning of time, its coastline has been an important harbor of entry for Asian as well as Arabian traders, and has since transformed into a major regional trade hub. The economy of Kenya isn’t built on oil as most of the other nations in our list, but it’s growing in various ways. Kenya’s GDP increased by 5.7 percent in the year 2019 which makes it among the Sub-Saharan African’s fastest-growing economies.

7. Ethiopia is $93.97 Billion GDP In Ethiopia the construction, agriculture manufacturing, tourism, processing of food, resources and energy make up $93.97 milliards of GDP. Agriculture is the most likely resource and accounts for greater than 40 percent of the GDP as well as 60percent of the exports and more than 80 percent of employment.

Since 2008, the economy of Ethiopia has grown at a rate of 9.9 percent on an average. The consistent growth rate that only a handful of African countries have seen and is now attracting international investment. The year 2018 saw the government took on a major economic reform that would further expand the economy and accelerate transformation. In 2015, the nation’s poverty rate was down to 31% and the goal was to make it an economic system that is middle-income in 2025.

8. Ghana -$74.26 Billion in GDP The economy of Ghana is diverse and abundant in resources. With a GDP of more than $72 billion, it’s one of the most prosperous nations in the African continent.

Countries with the highest economic performance in Africa

Because of its overall favorable business environment, Ghana has attracted investment from abroad and has seen growth at about 6% in the past two years. Services make up nearly 50% of Ghana’s GDP, and employ almost a third of Ghana’s workforce. With less than 25% of the GDP this sector is the second largest contributor and is followed by agriculture.

Ghana has a plethora of natural resource base that has contributed to the country’s growth. Gold is Ghana’s primary export. After that, petroleum, which is responsible for more than half all of its foreign currency. Other important exports include cocoa beans lumber and gold.

Top 10 Richest Country In Africa 2022

9. Ivory Coast -$70.99 Billion GDP The most populous economy of the West African Economic and Monetary Union is Cote byd’Ivoire. The nation has seen steady growth following years of political turmoil and economic losses.

The most prosperous nation within Africa According to Forbes

The agricultural sector has been for a long time the country’s mainstay. Cote d’Ivoire is the world’s biggest cocoa producer (30 percent of the world’s production) in addition to being the world’s largest exporter of palm oil and coffee. Natural gas and oil offshore deposits are also huge and exploration has added to government revenues. In addition, government investments in infrastructure and education has led to the growth of the manufacturing sector.

10. Angola -$66.49 Billion GDP Angola has one of Africa’s biggest reserves of raw minerals. It could be higher on this list of the top African countries with the highest wealth. But, the economy of the country has suffered because of poor management of resources along with internal corruption.

richest countries in Africa

Angola’s economy is built on natural gas, with natural gas and reserves of oil making up more than one-third of Angola’s GDP. Exports and production of crude oil are significant contributors to the earnings of foreign exchange. Crude oil sales make up 90 percent of the country’s export revenues. Cargo ships and diamonds are the other notable exports.

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11. Tanzania Today, this African country boasts an estimated GDP of more than 63.3 million inhabitants in the population. For twenty years the country has grown in its economic growth sustainably. In the year 2020, the country has grown to the point where its economy grew from the base national income to a greater incomes for the nation.

This growth in the economy has positively impacted the macroeconomic stability that is Tanzania (irrespective whether the disease is epidemic) which has aided the country’s growth with all its implications (including its production domestically) as an additional benefit to its strategic location and the vast natural resources of the country.

the most prosperous nation in Africa

By the end of September 2021, economy of Tanzania have been fully revived thanks to certain of its most important economic activities, including mining, electricity generation and hospitality. In the same year, there were other economic sectors of the country like the private sector, telecommunications exports of goods and services imports of non-fuel goods production of cement travel, tourist arrivals exports of services and goods all have been reviving in a dramatic manner.

In that time, based on the IMF’s World Bank Sustainability Analysis of the economy of Tanzania, the GDP growth for Tanzania was estimated to be 4.3 percent, however in 2022, it increased by 4.5 percent to 5.5 percent when compared to the previous years. It is likely to explode in the coming years, as exports and domestic demand increase that will result from the effects of the pandemic’s elimination.

In 2021’s annual GDP growth rate, the industrial sector, which includes: gold iron ore, uranium mining, manufacturing and quarrying. Platinum diamonds, nickel natural gas, tin coal, niobium, chrome each represents 28% of the total wealth, which is the reason why it is the most prosperous African country , based on its latest GDP.

12. Congo Republic: Most recently the country has an estimated GDP of $51.20 billion, with more than 99 million people living in its population . Also, in terms of its macroeconomic and financial changes (which began following the outbreak), Congo Republic economy has more than 5.7 percent growth, because of the rising prices for export goods (such as the cobalt and copper.e.t.c.) and the production from its mining operations.

The most prosperous nations in Africa through private wealth

The country also experienced growth in non-exractive industries which were able to expand by 3.3 percent. Some of these are: telecoms, energy and non-commercial services. in the present, the expansion of the country is fueled through private investment and robust exports of raw materials . these are the largest proportion of the GDP of Congo Republic today.

Recently, there is a report that if investment is encouraged by the government of Congo and it is believed that this will boost the country’s demand for goods and services a considerable amount, which will boost its GDP even more. Logistics infrastructure and improvement in transportation could be utilized to aid in the return and development of non-explicit activities like manufacturing services, taxes and export. The main sources of income are international financial aid oil production, as well as the growing mining industry , and it is among the most prosperous countries in Africa in terms of GDP.


Africa is the world’s pioneer in the production of natural resources and innovation, despite political and social challenges. A majority of African economies are rapidly growing and could soon become the richest in the world.

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