Top 10 Profitable Fast Selling Products In Zimbabwe

Many people say that if they knew exactly what to sell or buy, they would have no problem running a successful business. If you are one of them, then today is your lucky day. There are certain types of goods we use almost every day or need to buy from time to time. Everybody wants to have them.

However, these goods cannot last long. Therefore they become fast-selling products. The prices of these products can be both high and low, but only one fact about them does not change – high

Let’s take a look at high-demand products in Zimbabwe.

Fast-selling and consumable goods do not last long. People tend to buy them for no more than 6 months and, afterward, need to buy a brand new product. Some of them, such as water or food, are in demand daily. This makes them the perfect goods for buying and selling, as people always need them.

Some products are durable. Usually, these are electrical appliances or some material for houses. People can use them for quite a long time, regardless, for several reasons, even durable products, at least, should be replaced.

So get ready for some useful information in the list given below.

To start your own business, look at these top 10 high-demand products in Zimbabwe.

Also, if you do not want to be involved in distributing these products, you can start your production process. Both these products’ distribution and production will bring you some good money. These products have big potential in the Zimbabwean market and are in high demand among most people.

Fast Selling Products In Zimbabwe

1. Information:

Unsurprisingly, information is on top of the high-demand products list. You read this article only because it is written down and posted. So this is information as well.

People in every country need different types of information: news, articles about health,
celebrities, and blogs. Nowadays, blogging and vlogging have become very popular activities for those who want to connect with people from all around the world and earn money.

If you think you have some information that other people will find interesting, share it!
Make a website, blog, or online platform and sell it to make good money.

2. Water:

Of course, there is nothing in the world more precious than water. You can survive without food or sweets, but there is no way you can live without water. We need it clean and available all the time. Water is one of the most consumed products in Zimbabwe.

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So if you start a business connected with delivering or providing water to your neighborhood or surrounding locations, then there is no doubt that your business will be a very

Also, you can supply schools and universities with special cooling machines which can provide hot and cold water. Most people will accept any business ideas connected with water, as water is the priority in every person’s life.

3. Food:

Who does not like to enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal? Of course, food is important for every person in any country.

Selling food and making food is a very profitable business. The food you want to sell could be raw, cooked, or processed. You can open your little café or be a chef in the street food business.

The food business may vary from fried corn and fried meat sold on the streets to the luxurious and marvelous cuisine of Zimbabwe
served in restaurants. If you decide not to cook but sell food, you can distribute it or have a wholesale business. If you want to distribute food products, a small local store with plenty of snacks and goods will be a good solution.

Also, you can deliver food to people’s homes. If the distribution does not seem to be serious enough, then wholesale will work better. The food business is one of the most profitable businesses in Zimbabwe.

4. Detergents And Toiletries:

Moving on to the most important things in our daily life, soap and other toiletries take second place after water and food. It is
the basic need of every person to maintain a clean body and look tidy.

Different types of soap with natural ingredients are very popular in Zimbabwe. You can also make some money if you
decide to sell bath toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and others.

Not only should your body be cleaned and washed regularly but clothes and utensils.
Detergents are used to do our laundry: dirty washing clothes, bed sheets, and utensils. As you can see, maintaining hygiene is very important. Therefore all these products are fast-selling goods and are in high demand.

5. Clothing And Shoes:

The favorite activity for a lot of women is shopping. The necessary things for men are cloth and shoes. Women use clothes as a way to express themselves. For this reason, there are so many different styles of clothes.

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In Zimbabwe, you can find anything: from Ankara pattern clothes to beautiful lace fabrics. You can start a business selling clothes or fabric to designers and retailers. It is up to you to
decide. Shoes are also in demand, as there is a lack of them in Zimbabwe. You can import some shoes from China or other countries.

Regardless of your choice, clothing and shoes are “must-haves” for both men and women, so choosing this kind of business will not disappoint you

6. Cosmetics:

After buying clothes, you start thinking about your favorite perfume or lipstick. Yes, it is no surprise that the cosmetic and beauty businesses are way too profitable to skip. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 girls use cosmetics at least once in their life. Of course, Zimbabwean women are young and beautiful. But it is always good to highlight that natural beauty.

Usually, women would not even walk out of the house without having any makeup on.

However, some girls or women also prefer to keep the natural look.

In both cases, cosmetic is still necessary. You can sell cosmetics for cleaning and moisturizing the face and body or cosmetics and grooming products, which will make any women look amazing, such as lipstick, mascara, powder, and others.

Women use cosmetics daily, no matter how hot or cold outside or whether they are in a good or bad mood. In any case, there should be at least lipstick in every woman’s bag.

Pick up cosmetics from reputable
brands, preferably Mary Kay, Elf, Black Opal, and women, will line up to buy it from you. This business is worth considering because cosmetics and grooming products will always sell fast in Zimbabwe as long as women exist.

7. Hair Extensions:

Much was said about cosmetics, but what about some cool things for hair? Zimbabwe women love to experiment with their hair. It can be short and straight, long and curly, or made up in cute braids. But the latest trend in the hair industry is hair extensions.

Most Zimbabwean women want to have it. Zimbabwean ladies are willing to spend a lot of money on them because they make them stand out. Hair extensions and synthetic hair vary and come in different styles. So do not hesitate and give this business a try!

8. Power Bank Energy:

Now let’s move on to more serious goods and look at a small-sized but very powerful product. Lately, power banks have been in high demand everywhere in the world. If your phone is out of battery and dies, you need this little helper for emergencies to get the phone’s battery and extend battery life for 7-8 hours. It is perfect for use at work, school, on the road, and anywhere if your battery is dead. They come in different capacities and very often have portable, convenient sizes. As you can see, it is very useful, and you will find your customer.

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Many people in Zimbabwe, especially the youth, are looking for an alternative power source to charge their mobile phones. To do this business, you do not need to produce power banks; ordering from Aliexpress or Alibaba can be a solution. After you receive them, resell them to
locals who need them.

9. Gas For Cooking:

As we know, the most popular source of energy for cooking meals in Zimbabwe is kerosene. But it has a lot of drawbacks, such as leaving a black stain on utensils and polluting the environment. So lately, more and more Zimbabwe are choosing cooking gas over kerosene. Therefore it has become so popular.

Taking into account the bad situation with the electricity supply in the country, cooking gas is considered more economical than kerosene.

People look for a cheap and fast way to cook their meals, and gas satisfies their demand. Cooking gas has plenty of advantages, such as producing no smoke, keeping utensils clean after cooking meals, and it does not pollute the environment.

10. Floor Tiles:

Floor tiles are very popular in Zimbabwe. Most people want to have floor tiles in their houses. The most popular floor tiles are durable and warm; they come in different designs and patterns.

So if you want a comfortable yet stylish floor – choose floor tiles! In the past, Zimbabwe preferred cement floors, but floor tiles now are way better. Since it is so popular, people are willing to change their cement floors to tiled floors.

So there you go. These are the top 10 fast-selling products in Zimbabwe. Pick one or a couple of products you like and start planning your business today. Another suggestion is to research the local situation on the market and find out which product has the highest price now. This way, you can lower the price and attract more customers.

Do not hesitate to try it; your dream life is waiting for you.

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