Top 10 Profitable Businesses With Low Investment In Nigeria

Do you want to invest your money with low capital? What are the best business to invest in to make money? What are the profitable business with low investment in Nigeria? Are you looking for businesses to invest on? If yes, then you are at the right article. There are lots of small scale and large scale business investment opportunities in Nigeria.
If you want to be successful with your investment, you must choose how you spend your money. There are a lot of profitable businesses to invest your money on. In fact, most of the richest men in the world today made it as a result of investments. It all depends on how well you do it. Some people invest less than others and gain more, while some invest more and gain a lot more. It is one thing to invest, it is another to plan your business strategy with intelligence.
Below is a list of ten of the most profitable businesses to invest your money on.
Top 10 Profitable Business To Invest Your Money In Nigeria
1. E-commerce:

So many people are making it with e-commerce these days.
With the advancement of technology and the billions of people that use the internet daily, e-commerce seems to be the best investment you can make in this age. You can sell your own stuff online and reach the whole world with e-commerce.
2. Poultry:

A large number of people consume poultry products daily. There is a lot of income in this business. You can sell eggs of chicken to customers and be earning every day. Poultry business is one of the biggest in Nigeria and many other countries and you should try investing in it.
3. Fruit juice:

Nigerians consume a lot of fruit juice every day. According to stats, they are the highest consumers of fruit juice on the planet. This will be a great business to invest your money on.
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4. Boutique/ second-hand clothes:

Many people buy clothes from boutiques but there are a lot of people that can’t afford, they go for second-hand clothes. People can be very fashionable and tend to always buy clothes whenever they get the slightest chance.
5. Rice farming:

In Nigeria, rice is never enough. Rice is the most consumed food in the country. Even with all the rice farmers in the country, there are sometimes cases of imported rice even when it’s against the law.
6. Construction materials:

With the rate at which people now build houses, becoming a local dealer of construction materials should be one of the best investment you can ever make. You will have business all year round.
7. Estate management:

Well, this is another genuine business that is sure to grant you profit. This business requires a lot of capital, you should get an estimate before starting out to make sure you don’t stop on the way.
8. (Sachet)Pure water business:

Production is daily and it’s very popular in the country. It will require a lot of capital but it is worth every penny invested looking at the profit it will bring.
9. Hotel business:

Nigerians love to have fun so getting people to patronize this kind of places is not difficult. You can start a small scale hotel and see it for yourself. Then invest more as times come to take it to another level.
10. Dry cleaning business:

With the right skills and professionalism, you will be surprised at the amount of money that you will make from this business. If you keep to delivery time you will have a long list of loyal customers.
These are the top 10 most successful businesses in Nigeria to start investing on.