Top 10 Most Lucrative Agricultural And Farming Business Ideas In USA (United States)

Agriculture in USA will continue to be the backbone of the country and the most profitable business in USA. It has been the source of more than 70% job and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Top high earners in U.S income are made through farming business.
Agriculture is the major industry in the United states. The Gross income of Agriculture in U.S is so high that America becomes one of the top exporters of Agricultural products in the world. There are many good reasons to start any of the Agribusineses that will be listed on this article.
Is Agriculture In USA Profitable?
Yes!!!, Agriculture is very lucrative in U.S. Here are some of the reasons to start farming in the United States:
1. America has more than 329 million people. And people depends on food for survival. 80% of food eats by Americans are from Agriculture either directly or in-directly: No Agriculture No Food.
2. Agriculture creates employment opportunities and contributes to the countries GDP.
3. Agricultural sector is not as risky as other sectors.
4. There is already a Market for Agricultural produce in U.S as the demands are very high.
5. Agriculture is an easy to start business, You can start on a small scale, medium scale or large scales, It all depends on your budget.
So, if you are looking for a sector to invest in, then Agribusiness sector should be considered. Now let’s go over to the main article “the farming business ideas in USA”.
Top 10 Most Lucrative Agricultural And Farming Business Ideas In USA
1. Soybeans Farming
Soybeans is one of the world most valued food crops. Soybeans production is one of the fastest growing agribusiness in USA. Soybeans are used in milk production and other nutrients. The economic demand for this product is very high. You can venture into this business and start exporting to other countries or selling them locally. You will need to know the steps required in planting, maintaining and harvesting soybeans And most importantly, you will need a Land.
2. Rice Farming Business
One good thing about farming rice is that it planting and harvesting periods are very fast, Within 4 to 5 months you start seeing returns. Rice farming is a lucrative farming idea which anyone can get started irrespective of your experience. Rice is one of the most consumed food crops in U.S and other part of the world. Things needed are: land which is suitable for rice farming (swampy land), rice species, Pest control and being able to take care of your farm. And most especially having a marketing plan for you rice business.
3. Sweet Potato Farming
Potato is one of the popular food crops in USA. The profit potential is tremendous because of its high demands among americans. Sweet potato have an export advantage to the U.S that’s why people should embrace it. Growing sweet potato is very easy, although it has no seedlings but they grow through the suckers obtained from the matured ones. The soil for growing sweet potatoes should be rich in organic. It takes 4 months for sweet potatoes to start maturing, So note that.
4. Vegetable Farming
Vegetable farming business is the type of farming that can start generating income very fast to the farmers. Vegetable farming is known to be the easiest agribusiness to venture and is always on high demand. There are different niche in vegetable farming, they are: Cabbage farming, cucumber farming, Pumpkin farming, etc. Choose the one that fits your criteria and start commercially. Vegetable farming is very profitable and requires training so as to get some knowledge about it.
5. Pig Farming
Pig farming is the rearing and breeding of pigs. Pigs are very popular in U.S and other countries, which is very profitable. Do you know that a single pig can give birth to 9 to 14 piglets from each pregnancy and can reproduce twice in a year. Don’t you see how lucrative it is?. Follow these steps when starting a successful pig farming in USA: Business plan, You will need a land, Construction of pig pen, buying the needed equipments, Buying your piglets, Buying the feeds, employing workers (for medium and large scale), marketing strategies etc.
6. Chicken Farming
Chicken farming will continue to be the best profitable farming business in USA. It’s meat is widely accepted in the world and is among the top demand meat in U.S . If you are interested in chicken farming then you have to do a careful feasibility study on chicken farming. The profitability of chicken production depends on how the farmer manage his farm. Here are the 5 important factors to consider before setting up your chicken farm: Finance, Land, The choice of bird, Equipments/Feedings, And Good management System.
7. Sheep Farming
Sheep rearing business is fast becoming a lucrative and profitable livestock production in USA. There are lots of opportunities involves in sheep farming in U.S , If you are looking for a livestock farming to invest your money, try sheep farming business. Sheep matures very fast, It attains it maturity within 6 to 7 months. Starting your sheep farming business should not be done in a haste, Because To succeed in this business you need to be prepared and get the needed knowlege before getting started.
8. Cattle Farming
Cattles are the major source of milk in USA, Africa, Europe and in the world as a whole. Ther are lots of cash to be made as a cattle farmer. Here are just little guide on how to get started; You will need a grazing land, Construction Of Cattle Pen, Buying The Young Cattles, Considering Their Feedings, Controlling Their Diseases And Giving Them Good Medication And A Good Marketing Strategy.
9. Tomato Farming
Tomato farming is one of the important farming ideas in USA. 95% of foods won’t be complete without tomatoes. It is a daily consumed food crop in U.S, It goes with everything. Tomatoes also have health benefits to individuals which also contributes to how lucrative it is. The demand is always high as it is consumed by 90% of people in the United States. Growing tomatoes is very simple, It does not require special knowledge in order to get started, In fact anyone can grow tomatoes. There is need for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture in this sector.
10. Turkey Rearing
Turkey rearing is one of the profitable ventures in Agriculture with high return on investment. Turkey farming is related with chicken farming, The difference is just the bird. Many streams of income comes through turkey farming, That is income through it’s eggs and income through it’s meat. The market demands of turkeys are very high that the existing farmers haven’t fill in the gap. Here are 5 important factors to consider before starting your own turkey farm: Location, Type Of Breeds, Feedings, Consider the Health & Hygiene, And Equipments. Note that Business plan really matters a lot and the good thing about this agribusiness is that, it is a low capital business.
These are the best profitable Agribusiness ideas in USA. Invest in Agriculture Today And Make Profit.

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