Tips For A Healthy Relationship For Women

(1). Add wisdom to your speech, be a woman whose words carry weight.

(2). Spend wisely don’t buy everything you see in the market or shops, learn to save.

(3). Be a home keeper.

(4). Encourage him and be friendly, your words make more meaning than ten thousand words said outside by strangers.

(5). Don’t sleep separately; sleeping together has a lot of bonding glue to keep the two of you as one.

(6). Don’t run down his family with bad mouth,they are your family too.

(7). Learn to forgive him in advance. But if he finds it hard to say “sorry” teach him by doing it. It is an easy way to learn fast by doing it yourself.

(8). Do tell him what you need or want, don’t assume he knows it all.

(9) Never underestimate the power of a good meal, respect his stomach. I know that men will like this one. Lols

(10). Create time to be with him alone, away from the kids.If you treat your man like a king, he would treat you like a queen you are.

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