Things Every Woman Must Do To Keep Her Husband Away From Other Women (Top 10 tips)

This article is purposely written to bring joy and understanding to every family. It is written that everyone will be able to find way of resolving most of the petty differences in the home front that most family usually allows to escalate to trouble and torment.
There is a popular saying which goes like this “When you educate a woman, you have change a generation”.
Things a Woman Should Do to Keep Her Man.
1. The Use Of Word
Honestly Speaking, every woman has the power to make her marriage or break it by the way she speaks with her husband. If a Woman is careless with her manner of speaking to her husband when talking together, she may provoke him often, and this is very bad for couple.
Meanwhile, A woman who knows how to use the word of the mouth will make an excellent wife. A woman that must keep other adventurous women away from her husband must be meek and kind to her husband and be ready to watch her language always.
Sometimes your husband will really be the one provoking you, yes he really want to get you mad so that you can behave rashly and he would be able to deal with you, Some men are like that. All you need to do is switch to amiable tone and tell him “Honey, please help me to really understand what you want me to do right now, i’m begging”, then you move on.
2. Learn To Say “I am Sorry”
There is no way a man and a woman will live together all their lives without a time of disagreement. In such circumstance, always remember the saying “we disagree to agree”. Those who do not understand how marriage works will always think that quarrel with their husband is an opportunity to show everyone that they are street fighters, they want to show people they can fight.
If a woman must keep her marriage and scare away intruders, she must be eager to apologize to her husband. Whenever she does what is wrong, A woman must learn How to say “I am sorry”. Your ability to apologize is a proof of your maturity and intelligence.
Do not provoke your husband because it can expose your marriage to danger of collapse.
3. Sustain Your Beauty
Today on roads,environment & other places are full of women, ladies that are gorgeously dressed, beautiful looking, who are still single and searching. This group had become a great threat to married women who loves to dress shabbily simply because they have one or two kids at home they are nursing.
The fact still remains that women must retain their unique outlook which the man saw in them before he picked interest and ask them out in the first place. A woman should endeavour to sustain her internal and external beauty at all time, as this is what gives the woman her real appeal as a wife.
4. Give Him Attention
Many women take pride in having their way in any issue that comes up between them and their husband. Some families are being affected because the wife had choose to take the place of the husband, she does not listen to anyone except she done it her own way.
Men are scared are scared by such women, who will never listen to them. If a woman desires to enjoy her marriage and keep other women away, listening to your husband is the beginning of a great marriage
5. Respect His Relations
It is not possible for a woman to be married to just only her husband and not have anything to do with the husband’s family.
If a woman is trying to prevent the family of the husband from coming nearer to her husband, she might annoy her husbands family to conspire against her. Blood is thicker than water, the man is likely to become irritated by his wife. A woman must love and honour her husbands relation.
6. Prayers
A prayer less woman is a powerless woman. It is expected that a woman should be strong in prayers. You must regularly pray for your husband.
You can destroy every seen and unseen enemies of marriage through prayers. Intercede for your husband.
7. Never Use The Word “Divorce”
Divorce is one of the weapons that bring shame and sorrow to any family.
When a woman decides to be headstrong and continually willing to have her way and never think of divorce as alternative (unless the husband is maltreating you badly).
Accept your husbands uniqueness, there is no perfect man out there.
8. Good Cooking
A woman is expected to be a soul provider in all ramification to the need of her household.
Any woman that knows how to cook has already won the heart of her husband. A woman that doesn’t know how to cook delicious meal may be endangering her marriage.
Men usually share their experience at their place of work, gathering, bar or joint on how they always enjoy their delicious meals at home. If your maid is responsible for the delicious meal, it will always be on their mind and on discussion with their friends. So Be a Good cook, so that you will always be on your husbands mind and discussions with friends.
9. Forgive Your Husband
Is always a stressful time for both parties, when you are experiencing marriage troubles. If you behave your marriage is worth saving, then you both need to get to the root of the problem, Try not to throw accusations at each other. Try and Forgive & forget.
10. Give Him Sex And Respect Him
Sex is a magic word,It is the glue of a relationship and a motive to staying together. Invest in your romantic life, because it literally can be the only thing you need to do to save your marriage. Sex is 80% of what we call marriage, without sex we can’t be productive. Some foolish women use Sex as a weapon to punish their husband not knowing they are creating serious problem for their self. Women must be submissive to their husband any time because it is his property.
Women, when your husband offend you or annoyed you, if he comes for sex give him, he will apologize on the bed and he will correct his mistakes (That’s fact about men, sometimes they behave like babies), By giving him Sex whenever he demand for it, he will not have sex outside his marriage except he is a foolish man.
Respect Him, Women should know that umbrella that covers them is their husband and he deserves the respect. Even when a woman take care of the house financially due to some break down by her husband.
Men likes women that respect them because it make them proud among their friends.…

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