The Main Website Promotion Tips By Behavioral Factors

The Main Website Promotion Tips By Behavioral Factors

Behavioral factors are of key importance for the promotion of sites. If before the main task of optimizing a resource was to “fit” in the algorithms of search networks, now the efforts are also aimed at people. Sites that users themselves find useful, like a helpful marketplace or a popular sportsbook, quickly get to the top of search results.

Search engines are studying the behavior of users in a non-stop mode. Information is collected by browsers, mobile applications, and analytics systems. The data affects sites’ positions in search and is used to improve ranking algorithms.

Behavioral factors in SEO (search engine optimization) are divided into internal and external. The first are the actions of the user within the site. The latter – on the search page.

Internal Factors


A user has moved to the site from a search and spent up to 15 seconds there or closed the tab? This is considered by search engines as a rejection. The user has not received answers, he did not like the design or the resource is slow.

Time on the Site

The index shows how much time users spend on average on the site. The more, the better – it means you managed to create good content.

Depth of Views

The indicator demonstrates how long a user browses the site, moving between sections. Search engines encourage resources that can entice people to visit more than one page. However, the index is not always worth considering in the behavioral promotion of the site. For example, if you optimize a landing page, there is simply nowhere to go deeper on it.

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Organic Traffic

This is the proportion of users who open the site through a link from the output. Such clicks are liked by search engines more than clicks from ads. Improving this behavioral factor depends on the quality of SEO: after all, if the site’s pages are not optimized, they won’t appear in search engine results.

Branded Traffic

A person enters a query with a company name or domain name into the search bar. The search engine considers the brand to be reputable, and as a result the system ranks the firm’s site higher.

Direct Visits

These are visits to the site through bookmarks in browsers or by entering the address of a resource. When a lot of hits, the search engine concludes: the page has a stable audience that appreciates the content.

Movement on the Site

Convenient navigation on the site helps in behavioral promotion. A clear scheme of movement of users indicates a competent development.

External Factors

Click Ability

It’s also CTR – Click-Through Rate. This is the percentage of people who, after seeing a link in the search, clicked on it. With increasing value rises and the position of the site.

Click-Through Length

This is the time the user spends on the site until he comes back to search or finishes the session. The longer the click, the more likely the resource is useful to the user.

Last Click

If the user stopped searching after entering the site, this is a good sign. The system considers the last resource to have given the user an answer to his question.

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The Only Click

A perfect situation is if the first click is the last one. This means that the site fully satisfied the request of the visitor.

Return to Search

The visitor clicked on the page on request, wandered through the sections, but then turned back to search. The system sees that the man did not find what he was looking for. The resource’s ranking is lowered.

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