The Computer: Meaning, Parts, Classes And Uses Of Computer

What Is Computer?
The computer is an electronic device/machine that can process data. The computer has many parts, Such as: Monitor, Printer, System Unit or CPU, Keyboard etc.
The monitor shows us what the computer is doing. It looks like a television.
The Keyboard is use to give instructions or command to the computer.
There are different parts of the computer. Below are some parts of the computer and their functions:
1. Monitor:
The monitor is one of the parts of computer, it shows us what the computer is doing.
2. Keyboard:
Keyboard is used to tell the computer what to do.
3. System Unit
It can also be called Central Processing Unit (CPU). It looks like a box. It is the engine or brain of the computer.
4. Mouse
The mouse looks like the animal mouse. It is also a pointing device. It is placed on a soft cloth called mouse pad.
There are four classes of computer and they are as follows:
1. Micro computers ( Examples Are: Desktop computers, Laptop computers & Computer notebook)
2. Mini computers
3. Mainframe computer And
4. Super computers.
Computer can be used by anyone. This means that everybody needs computer.
The following are the people who need computer:
1. Children
2. Bankers
3. Doctors
4. Authors
5. Soldiers
The following are the uses of computer:
1. Children use computers to play games.
2. Doctors use computers to check up and treat sick people (Patients).
3. Teachers use computer to teach their pupils.
4. Soldiers use computer to launch and fire bullets.
5. Authors use computers to produce and print books.
6. Computers are used in banks by bankers to count money and so on.
Computers can be used in the following places:
1. In our house/homes.
2. In Schools: In schools teachers use computers to teach pupils.
3. In Offices: It is used in offices to do business transactions.
4. Bankers: The use computers to count money and to do other activities like transactions.
5. Hospitals: It is used in hospitals to detect any sickness, diseases, infections and to treat sick people and diagnose illnesses.
Computer Hardware?
Computer hardware are those parts of the computer we can see, touch or feel.
Examples of computer hardware are:
1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Monitor
4. Printer and so on.
A Monitor shows what the computer is doing.
Keyboard types or gives commands to the computer.
A CPU simply means Central Processing Unit. It can also be called System Unit. It is the brain of the computer.
A Mouse is used for pointing things on the monitor.
Computer Room
The computer room is a place where we keep computers until when we need them for use.
Things that we need in the computer room are as follows:
1. Electric power
2. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)
3. Fan or Air Condition.
The computer room should always be kept clean and neat for the computers to last longer. It should also be cool.

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