The Best Abroad Consultants Nigeria

The Best Abroad Consultants Nigeria

This article will highlight the top 10 study abroad consultants in Nigeria to help you if you want to find a trustworthy educational agency to assist you in obtaining admission to any university abroad you wish to attend without having to go through the procedure of registering for an academic degree at any university in the world.

There is no doubt fact that studying in a foreign country is more beneficial than learning in Nigeria. This is because these foreign nations like Canada, Germany, and Australia have high standards for education. Many Nigerians favor studying at these international universities because they believe that degrees obtained from one of these institutions have more value than the degrees awarded at the majority of universities in Nigeria.

Suppose you require assistance in gaining admission into your dream foreign college or university and are searching for a reliable educational consultant agency in Nigeria that can help in gaining admission to any foreign university. In that case, I recommend you look through the top 10 Consultancies for Study Abroad Nigeria and their websites that we will provide below to help you make your decision.

List of 10 Educational/Study Abroad Consultants in Nigeria


  • Emotion Placement Resources Limited

If you are looking for a way to be admitted into a foreign university in countries such as India, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Malaysia, Netherlands, UK,e.t.c, Emion Placement is an educational company that you can count on. They provide an easy method that will assist you with quickly registering at an international institution of learning. To learn more about their services, visit their official website at:

  • Morgan Consultancy Services

Through the years, Morgan Consultancy Services have earned a reputation for handling Canadian university admission. They’re the best option for processing admission to any college in Canada. So if you are seeking admission into any Canadian university, you can look them up and learn about their services from their official website at

  • Diptot International Consult

This educational institution is top-of-the-line for providing Nigeria’s most professional and reliable education consulting solutions. At a reasonable cost, Nigerians who love to continue their education at universities across Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Australia, e.t.c, should also explore these study abroad consultant agencies. To learn more about their services, visit their official website at

  • Avail International Consult

While Avail International Consult deals with admissions to various universities, they primarily prepare admissions to the United Kingdom(UK). If you’re seeking admission to universities such as Oxford, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Birmingham, Manchester, e.t.c, The educational consultant at Avail International Consult will assist you with completing your application to the United Kingdom from Nigeria. To learn more about them, visit their official at

  • Main brain International Global Education

Another reliable education service provider you can trust manages the process of registering for foreign admission. They also offer visa applications for specific countries, airport pick-ups, and air-ticketing services. They’re extremely efficient in helping you get admission to universities in the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Cyprus, and many more. For more details on their services, visit their official site at

  • Student Travel International

The company that provides education consulting in Nigeria is among the most effective in admissions processing. They’ve worked for many years and have connections to numerous foreign universities in Ireland, Canada, South Africa, the UK, Malaysia, Dubai, and The United States. For more information about their services, check the official site at

  • Imperial Educational Services

A very solid education administration outlet is in Nigeria. They can assist you with admission into various universities in countries like Ukraine, Hungary, Dubai, the United States, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Cyprus and Canada, and Cyprus. Connect with them now, and they’ll finish the registration and admission procedure. For more information about their services, visit their website at

  • E-Global International Education

It is also one of the best studies abroad advisors in Nigeria. With more than 150 universities in partnership with them, You can be assured that they’ll with the assistance of Nigerian students who are seeking admission to foreign universities. For inquiries on their services, visit

  • Bowell Educational Services Limited

The company is located in Lagos state, and They are located in Lagos state and are reliable. This high-end education consulting service in Nigeria is among the most established in Nigeria. They also have connections with universities across their home countries: the United States, Russia, Georgia, Malaysia, China, Bulgaria, Romania, Canada, Lithuania, Ukraine, Cyprus, the UK, Singapore, and Moldova. Their official website is

  • Chelis Education Consult Firm

The company is located within Lagos State and is a leading international education agency that provides affordable educational consultancy services. Chelis Education Consult Firm works with several international universities in countries such as Australia, the United States, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. To learn more about their education consultancy services, visit their official website at

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