Textiles: Definition, Importance, And Uses Of Textiles

Definition Of Textiles

Textile is a woven or machine knitted fabric. Textile is the study of fibres, yarn, construction of fabrics and finishes.

Examples of major Textiles fibres are:

a. Cotton
b. Wool
c. Sill
d. Linen

Textiles are first developed as a means of carrying food providing shelter and later used as clothing.

Importance Of Textiles

1. It helps individuals to understand why certain fibres are more durable and serviceable for a particular purpose.

2. It gives one the ability to distinguish ability of fabres.

3. Study of fabres helps one to know what to choose.

4. The study of Textiles helps one to appreciate the proper use of textiles for the different purposes.

Uses Of Textile

There are three major ways textiles are used for.

1. Apparel textiles
2. Home textiles
3. Industrial textiles

Apparel Textiles: Textiles are used as apparel, example: inner wear and outer wear for infants, children etc.

Home Textiles: Textiles are used in production of domestics linens, household textiles or home finishing textiles, Examples: bed, bath, table and kitchen linen, floor covering, doors furnishing.

Industrial Textiles: They are used to design fabric for specific use, Examples: motor belt, sports materials, cotton, wool, bandage.



General Uses Of Textiles Are: They are used for:

1. Designing Of personal and family clothes examples: under wear dresses.

2. Designing of household linen, such as bed sheets, curtains.

3. The production of a sports wear such as shoes, T.shirt.

4. Keeping the body warm or cool, Example: Sweaters and cotton wears.

5. Protecting the body from rain or wind, Example: rain coats.

6. Beautifying or adoring the body.

7. They are used for constructing upholstery and curtains.

8. They are used for making sports wear swimming jacket.

9. They are used for making nets and tent.

10. They are used for automobiles, cars, buses, ship, air craft.

11. They are used for medical materials example: bandage, mastic over rolls.

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