Teenage problems and solutions

A teenage is a person between the ages of twelve to nineteen years old.
At teenage stage, there are certain problems every teenager goes through. It is relevant for parents and guidance to learn those problems and give them direction to follow.
80% of morals impacted on the teenagers should be done by the parents/guidance.
(A) Physical Problems
Teenagers feel that no one can talk to them anymore, They will be starring at the mirror, For Boys: they think they now have muscles, For Girls: They think they are now matured than their parents.
Negative habits will now start developing. This is one of the common problems facing the teenager…

  • Solution:

Parents/guidance who wants to control this problem should be careful with their teenaged children’s physical built. They should be directed well.
(B) Social Problems
According to Ambassador Victor Chidera, teenagers quarrel oftenly, peer group always influence the teenagers.
At teenage Stage of life they start dressing indecently and claiming to know it all(Ignorance) because their friends are doing so. This is one of the problem faced at teenage stage.

  • Solution
  1. Parents should not hinder them from socializing but quickly give them good direction to follow.
  2. Parents should not wait until bad behaviours are learnt before correcting them.
  3. Parents/guidance should inculcate in them the good dressing habits.

(C) Emotional Problems
Teenagers are easily aroused emotionally. Whenever you scold them or try to correct then in a high manner, they will have a physiological response to that situation.
Teenage emotional problems includes:
Frequent anger,out burst and jealousy. All these are natural.

  • Solutions
  1. They should be allowed to exhibit their emotion and be corrected when necessary.
  2. Parents should calm down when their teenage children burst into anger and simply tell them the Implications.

(D) Mental Problems
Teenage talks too much(Frequently), and always imitate those negative actions that are too bad. This is also one of the problems facing the teenage life.

  • Solutions
    1. Always warn them to stay away from negative discussions
    2. Give answers to their questions to clear their doubt, through your answers, attached a piece of advice to it.

    (E) Spiritual Problems
    This is the most-problems teenagers face in the society, Every bad behaviours are being registered to their spirit/soul.
    It is very hard for them to amend their ways; If care is not properly taken, they might be difficult to change through there lifetime thereby liabilities to the society. The spiritual aspects of a teenager is what leads him/her to adulthood.

    • Solutions
    1. Parents/guidance should always be a good example, because the spiritual development of teenage stage depends on what the person sees from you.
    2. Parents can also use Word of Wisdom/Scriptures to improve the mental abilities of their teenage children.

    Other teenage problems and their solutions:

    1. Acne
    2. Depression
    3. Laziness
    4. Smoking/Drinking of alcohol
    5. Lust
    • Solutions

    Acne breakout during teenage period is very normal, all you have to do is to maintain your physical appearance.
    As for Depression,Laziness,Smoking/Drinking alcohol,lust…. The only solution lies on the teenagers; Identify your bad habits, Map out strategies you can use to stop them.

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