Subsistence And Commercial Agriculture: Meaning And Differences Of Subsistence And Commercial Agriculture (Problems Of Subsistence And Commercial Agriculture)

What Is Subsistence Farming?
Subsistence Farming: It is a system of farming whereby a farmer cultivates crops and rears animals in order to produce food for use by himself and his family only.
What Is Commercial Farming?
Commercial Farming: This is a type of farming that is done on a large scale involving the production of cash crops and animals in large quantity.
Differences Between Subsistence And Commercial Agriculture
Subsistence Agriculture:
1. Small scale farming is accepted.
2. Mechanization is not practiced.
3. Ideal for mixed cropping , mixed farming, bush fallowing and shifting cultivation.
4. Low capital required which can be provided by friends, money lender and family members.
5. Labour is from friends, family members and cheap.
Commercial Agriculture:
1. Large scale farming is accepted.
2. Mechanization is the major practice.
3. It is ideal for mono cropping, intensive animal production.
4. Highly capital intensive which can be got through the bank.
5. Labour is highly specialized and expensive.
Problems Of Subsistence Farming
1) Control of pest and diseases is difficult.
2) Produce are not for sale.
3) Illiteracy of the farmers.
4) Use of crude tools.
5) Productivity is very low.
6) It is not good for permanent crop cultivation because the time before maturity is too long.
7) Shifting cultivation is greatly practised.
Problems Of Commercial Farming
1) It is very expensive to practice.
2) It can cause unemployment as mechanization is mostly practised.
3) Land may not be available.
4) Problem of storing excess products during harvest period.
5) Cost of controlling diseases and pests may be high.
6) Government actions or policies may also affect it.
7) Since machines are mostly used, erosion and pollution are very common.

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