Storing Clothes: Steps On Proper Clothing Storage

Storing Clothes
Clothing are the things we wear to beautify and protect the body, such as dresses, trousers, jackets, shoes, hats and jewelries.
Clothing are very important to family members because of their major role. It is important to provide proper storage space for our clothes to last longer and maintain the original characteristics.
Steps on Proper Clothing Storage:
1. Good storage space should be provided.
2. Ensure that the pocket s are empty and everything that is not part of the garment must be removed before storing.
3. Fasten buttons and close zippers and hang the garment straight.
4. Clothes for special occasions should be given extra storage care.
5. Mend and clean clothes before storing.
6. Do not overcrowd the storage space, example bags, boxes and closets.
7. Do not store stained or soiled clothes, they must be washed.
8. Keep the storage space clean.
9. Regular checks should be made to ensure that clothes are safe.
10. Dress and undress properly and air clothes when you remove them before storing.

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