Store Records: Meaning And Types Of Store Records (Business Studies)

Table Of Contents

  • Meaning Of Store Records
  • Types Of Store Record

What Is Store Records?

Store records are documents which enable the organization to determine the movement of goods. In the office, Store records enable office administrator to know how often goods are required.

Types Of Store Records

The term Stock record and Store record can be used interchangeably. A stock record shows the quantity of goods available at any particular time. Types Of Store Record In Use Include:

1. Store record card
2. Requisition form
3. Delivery note/Gate pass

1. Store Record Card:

The stock record provides detailed information about:

a. Quantity of goods supplied or carried into the store room.

b. Date goods were supplied or invoiced.

c. Voucher number.

d. Name of supplier.

e. Quantity of goods issued.

f. Department.

g. Stock balance.

2. Requisition Form:

The form is an internal document used by department within the organization when collecting goods from store. Such document provides the following information:

a. Name of department requesting goods.

b. Name of person in the department requesting the goods.

c. Signature and date.

d. Code.

e. Description of goods.

f. Units of goods issued.

g. Quantity required.

3. Delivery Note/Gate Pass:

Once goods have been approved for a department, a special pass is necessary to enable these security department to check the authors quantity.

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